Let’s Talk MDO

MDO is going great! The twins are doing so good and to be honest I love the time I get to spend with Maddie while they are gone. I love the school we chose for them. The teachers are amazing, the place is clean, everyone knows Jocelynn and JP’s names, and its just awesome all around. The only downside is that it is 30 minutes away from our house but me and Matt really love this place and will take good child care over convenience anytime.

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning I go into their rooms to wake them up so they can start getting ready. I thought that would go badly but they are always in the best of modes when I wake them! They get so excited by talking about school. It is so precious. After getting them ready, I wake up Maddie and throw her shoes on her feet. Yes, I take Maddie in her jammie’s in the mornings. After loading them all in the car we head to MDO! I always let them eat breakfast in the car on the way there because we just don’t have time at home, plus it takes their minds off the paci’s.

I walk them in and take them to their classroom. I have the option of the car pool lane but seeing as how they just warmed up to their teachers, I don’t think a stranger getting them out of the car would do any good right now. The past few weeks they have cried as soon as we start walking down their little hallway. Everyone stares (actually everyone is already staring at me because they think I have triplets) and I just smile. When we get to their classroom the teachers immediately take them, hold them and do whatever they need to do for the twins to stop crying. Mrs. Becky told me they always stop crying right after I leave, so I guess the crying show is for my benefit? Thanks babies. Well, today they didn’t cry until after they got into their classroom. I call it a win.

This week is teddy bear week at school and I think that excited them a lot. Jocelynn took a pink puppy dog and JP took a small brown dog. They are going to do activities this week involving their “teddy bear”. I am so excited for them.

One thing I love about this program is the kids bring home a folder every single day. In that folder is their artwork, an ouch report if they got hurt, and a daily report. I love reading all of it with them when we get home. I really, really love this school and am so happy we chose this place. I can’t wait to see how much they grow and learn this year. I am hoping they really break out of their shell and show people just how amazing they are. Because they are…Amazing.