Letters mailed to Heaven

I have to say, this has really helped Jocelynn. I have kept the helium tank so she can send moo moo notes whenever she wants; whether is about how much she misses her or something that’s going on that she wants to update her moo moo on. I also have to say that I am pretty jealous of my kids, I wish so bad that this was true, that we really could send mom notes and know she received them, that we can communicate with her. Oh how I wish, but I am so glad that this is helping the babies. 

So how did we do it?? 

The picture above shows you the balloon blown up with the note in it. 

First, we let the kids all write their notes. 


Then we folded the notes up as small as we could get them. Next, we gently put the notes into the balloon. 

The notes are in the balloon! YAY! Now, blow the balloon up with a helium tank, tie the balloon and then tie ribbon onto the end as you usually do.

Time to mail our balloons!! The kids couldn’t run outside fast enough, they were so excited! I just wanted to cry when I watched those balloons go and seeing the magical expressions on the kids faces. 

We love you moo moo!! This just makes my heart so happy and I just wanted to share it with you all in case any of you are suffering from loss. I know ir happens and it is inevitable in life that you’ll lose someone you love at some point but it still doesn’t make it any easier. I am praying for anyone who is and hope this helps somebody! 

I am thinking about starting a link up for grief counseling, somewhere you can go if you’re suffering from loss and have other people to connect to share stories. I have learned that talking about it does make it easier and I wanted to know what you thought on doing something like that?