Live your Life

Live your life. Live it to the fullest. Live happy, love strongly and never have any regrets because it can all change in an instant. We all know how fast time flies by watching our babies grow so quickly. We all know that at any moment all of that could be taken away from us. I couldn’t imagine. I couldn’t imagine losing my babies, my babies losing me and same with Matt. I pray frequently for families I don’t even know that this happens to. Its not fair but it happens.

Matt is recovering extremely well from his surgery. Its amazing how one thing can happen and it just wakes up every part of your body and screams LIVE because life is short. We are lucky. We found out what was going on and got the situation fixed. I’m not saying he would’ve died or anything like that but that didn’t make us any less scared about what was going on.

Matt’s legs went numb around November. He could still walk and run and everything else he usually does; they were just numb from his waist down for some reason. He decided to go to a local doctor when it had really started affecting his work. The doctor thought he might have some disease called “Guillain Barre”. That disease is kind of like a sickness in a way. There is no medication for it. You just have to let it “pass through”. The doctor gave him steroids to try and help his legs. A week later Matt still wasn’t any better. He was taking a nap and when he woke up he told me his arms were numb too. I called the doctor immediately. The doctor told Matt to go to the ER in Birmingham, that he had a few neurologist friends that would be able to get him in quick. They admitted him as soon as he walked through the door. This was on a Friday. That night they ran a few tests and then they did a full MRI on Saturday. I was stuck at home with three sick babies. I wanted to be with him so badly. I wouldn’t have been much help but I could have still just held his hand and told him it will be ok. My mom came Saturday to help me out with all the sick babies. We woke Sunday to semi-happy babies. Since they were in decent modes and feeling better, I took off to the hospital to be with my first baby. I stopped and got him a few things from the kids (Reese cups, Mt Dew, beef jerky) and put all the goodies in a super man bag. I walked in his room and was just so glad to see him. I crawled into the bed with him and held him. I could have stayed there forever. Shortly after getting reacquainted with my hubby, the doctor walked in. He said “Well, we found the problem”. We were all so thrilled because this meant we could now fix this problem. He told us about the disc on Matt’s neck and that it needed to be removed that day. He was a regular doctor and didn’t want to give us all of the details until the neurologist ,who would be operating on him, came in. About 5 minutes later the neuro walked in and explained the severity of Matt’s condition. He told us if we would have waited any longer, that Matt would have been paralyzed. The disc was almost cutting off the spine. It was crazy to hear all of that. He also told us that it was considered an emergency to get it out so they would have to operate in a couple of hours. Wow. Talk about not being prepared. Matt was so strong. Matt replied with “Alright. Lets fix this”. And so they did. They brought him a gown and some warm socks to put on. I went down to the prep room with him and repeatedly told him how much I loved him. That he was strong and everything would be ok.

Three hours later, They rolled my baby back into his room! The doctor said everything went so smoothly and he should recover well. I knew Matt was feeling good because the first thing he asked for was a steak. I got him soup instead, which he wasn’t pleased about but he did just have a tube down his throat and all other sorts of instruments. The amazing thing was that Matt could feel his legs immediately after he woke from surgery. I was so happy for him. He was moving them and asked me to pinch them because he could actually feel them.

He was very sore that night. The doctor went in through the front of his neck to remove the disc so all of that was bruised. I couldn’t imagine. I pulled a muscle in my neck just last week and I wanted to cry. He is so strong and so brave because I know that had to had been painful.

We went home the next day. Matt had orders not to lift any of the children and no shooting a shotgun. I think the shotgun news hurt his feelings worse. After all, duck season was in. It did break his heart not to pick up Maddie but she is so rough! I couldn’t even let her sit with him the first couple of weeks because she goes right for the neck every time.

Its been two months since his surgery and he is back at work. How? I have no clue. But he is doing it. He is sore and hurting after these first couple of days but I am so proud of him. His recovery was actually a whole month less than most people. That just shows you how strong he is. I hope things feel back to normal for him soon. I love him so much. I don’t know what I would do without him. He is my everything. My first baby. My best friend. My husband. And he is all mine.

 Now for the cool party (or at least I think so) Here is a picture of the disc on Matt’s spine. Look at the spine until you see where the black indention is. That is where the disc was pressing up against his spine. And yes, I made the doctor give me a copy of this.