Maddie Rae’s Unicorn Party!

Guess who turned FIVE this past weekend?? MY BABY!!! Gosh, I just can’t believe it. My baby, my blessing, the mother of all surprises is 5 now and going to Kindergarten soon. 

Its been a while since I have gone all out for her birthday party like I have with the twins the past couple of years. I decided it was time! A few months ago me and Maddie got on Pinterest to decide a theme on her party and of course she chose Unicorns! I have to say I had so much fun planning and decorating for this party! {Everything from the birthday party I ordered from Amazon and have linked it all at the bottom of this post.Just click to shop!}

Everything was so shiny, sparkly, girly and outgoing. Just like Maddie. She loved every single part of it.

I love having a station at birthday parties telling a little about the birthday person. Whether its photos from year passed or like this chalkboard that has everything about Maddie on it.

This was a background we set up with sparkly decor and fairy lights so people could take photos in front of it!

Since it was Maddie’s party we had to bring stuffed animals into it somehow! So Voila! An adopt a unicorn station! How adorable right? We even got some little boxes from amazon that the kids could put them in and take them home. 

I am pretty proud of her cake. She wanted this huge 3 tier beautifully decorated cake that would have cost an arm and a leg. I decided to attempt it. Just a 2 layer, funfetti yummy cake! I ordered the unicorn cake topper and eyelashes from Amazon and it made it all come together. I didn’t have a cake stand big enough for the cake so I wrapped a cookie sheet in tissue paper and turned it over! 

Everyone snacked on the food and then it was time to hit the piñata!! Or the “bee-yada” as maddie says! I loved her piñata and she was obsessed!


Of course the birthday girl went first!! Then after Maddie we did it from youngest to oldest to make it fair. The little ones got 3 swings and bigger kids got 2. After a few rounds for everyone we were ready for it to come down!! Finally, it did and all the candy ended up falling in the only ant bed nearby!! Our luck right? Luckily, the kids moved so fast no one got bitten and everyone was still happy!!


Cake time! Also known as Maddie Rae’s favorite part of any party! She gets that from her momma.

Maddie is the greatest surprise that has ever entered my life. She is the light that brightens my days and such a sweet girl. I am so proud of the little person she is becoming. Hope you had a great party baby girl, you know mommy loves you so much.