Maddie’s Blaze 3rd Birthday Party!

Finally blogging about my sweet girls 3rd birthday party. She had a blast, we had a blast, the guests had a blast. It was a good time.

We rented a room at Let’s Play in Birmingham. April is kind of an iffy month on rain, cold or sunshine here in bama so we went with the safe route and did an inside party. It was wonderful. All I had to do was send out the invitations, make a photo slide show on a USB drive, get a cake, and bring the party girl there. Simple and smart.

On our way to her birthday party we stopped at my mom’s house and she got her birthday gift from them! It was a little ride on that looks just like a monster truck. AKA Blaze from Blaze and the monster machines because that child loves her some Blaze. She was so happy when she saw it, she just laughed and smiled so big. It made my momma heart melt just a little bit.IMG_6287


Maddie played with her new toy for a while and then it was time to go to her party!!


We had to fill out the little waivers, bring the cupcakes in and ect. We waited on most guests to arrive to show them what to do (where to put shoes, gifts and sign waivers). My dad was with us so he and Maddie went ahead in the play area to start playing! We got an hour of playtime before the “party” started. During that hour Maddie had a very special guest dance with her on the dance floor! ELSA!! I wish everyone would’ve witnessed the face on my little girl when she saw Elsa. It made my day and made having her party here so worth it. While Maddie and the kids there for her birthday party had a dance party on the dance floor, the Let’s Play staff played a slide show of Maddie pictures from birth until now on the wall! It was so cool!

IMG_9772 IMG_9766


IMG_9805   IMG_9804

After lots of playing everyone went into the party room! We enjoyed Papa John’s pizza (HOLY YUM) and cupcakes shortly after. Then my Maddie Rae opened her gifts!! She loved all of this attention on her, I was so happy for her.



One thing Maddie has been asking for was a T-Rex. She got it from our dear friends and words can’t describe how happy that girl was. She screamed “MY T-REX!!!!” Everyone started laughing. This girl can brighten up any room in seconds. She is so special.


IMG_9813  She had a great birthday party and loved every minute of it. I did too.

I can’t believe our little oops baby is 3! She doesn’t know she’s 3, she thinks she is 4. She acts like it too but she’ll always be mommy’s little girl. We thank God each and every day for giving her to us. We feel incredibly blessed to have such an amazingly happy beautiful and healthy child. Hope you remember how much mommy and daddy love you, Maddie Rae. Always will.

And  you know she just had to sleep with her T-Rex that night. She told us “He’s very tired, and cute. He wants to cuddle me”. Well, of course he does!!