Madelynn’s Birth Story

Things are going good around here! Honestly, better than I expected. Everything would be really good if miss Jocelynn didn’t have her ear infection and staying up all night and crying all day but besides that it has been so much fun. I am really able to enjoy my sweet baby and the twins at the same time because we ACTUALLY have help this go round. Don’t get me wrong I was able to enjoy my twins when they were born but it was oh so stressful going from no babies to two and no one to help me and the hubs. My mother has been here since we came home from the hospital and has been such a tremendous blessing. She wakes up in the middle of the night with Jocelynn while I get up with Madelynn. Mom, if you’re reading this.. Thank you so much for everything you’re doing and have done.

Last Sunday we were spending time with our babies because it was the last day they were going to be our only babies. I loved playing with them and spending some quality time with JP and Jocelynn before putting them to bed. After we tucked them in tight and gave/received night night sugars it was get ready for baby time. I packed the twins a play bag for the hospital so they’d be entertained while matt loaded the car with all of our stuff. Then it was off to bed for us too!

We left the house around 4:45 to be there by 6 a.m. It happens so fast after that. They took us back to prep me for surgery. I was so nervous about the nurse getting the IV started because they poked me 6 different times with the twins before getting a vein and it hurt so bad! But this nurse was awesome and she got it the first try! Then come all of the medicines they give you to make sure you don’t get sick to your stomach. After that came the good stuff… the epidural!! I love getting an epi, weird? Ive been in so much pain this pregnancy and that made it all the better. Especially the fact that I wouldn’t want to feel someone cutting me open.

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While getting nice and numb, me and the hubs held each other while wondering what our lives were about to be like. We know its going to be complete chaos and we know its going to be hard, but we were chosen to be this little baby’s parents. We were chosen and we couldn’t be more grateful to be given such a blessing, so bring on all the craziness and all of the happy moments that our lives will witness the next 16 years (at least). We are ready.

8 A.M~ “Are you ready? Lets go back and get that baby” the nurse said to me as she woke me up from a small nap I decided to take before surgery. They didn’t let matt come back until after they got me ready and prepped for the csection.

They kept asking me why I wasn’t freaking out and how I was so calm but that’s just who I am. I am very laid back and don’t worry about much until it is needed to be worried about. This is how I parent as well. Me and Matt both are just very calm.

8:10~ On the table. Cleaning the section area. I started asking all the nurses what they thought the gender was and to take a guess at the weight. All of them said boy and over 8 lbs. My guess was a girl and 7 lbs 4 oz. They were still giving me medicines thru the IV and getting the baby area ready too.

8:15~ Doctor comes in and says a quick hello and puts the sheet up. They bring the hubby back! He was so adorable. He said “Hey baby! Are you ok? Do you feel ok?” and kept asking me over and over again. Sweet hubby;) Then the doc told me it will be about 5 minutes until baby is born.

Madelynn Birthday 016

8:20~ It’s a GIRL! 8 pounds and 13 oz!! I just could not believe I had that big of a baby in my belly! No wonder I was hurting so bad, hah!The doctor said she was so chubby! I started crying as soon as I heard her sweet voice let out a huge cry. When you have a csection you don’t get to see your baby immediately but they had a tv right next to my head and I got to watch them clean her and admire her little chunky body. Then they brought my sweet blessing over so I could kiss all over her.

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The hubs took Madelynn with the nurse to the recovery room while I got stitched up.

After I was good to go they rolled me to recovery and I saw my sweet husband holding our precious little girl, Madelynn. She was born hungry. Not kidding. That girl can eat! She wanted to nurse right away and ate until we could leave recovery.

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We got up to our room and the family walked in. None of them knew what “she” was. So I asked if everyone was in the room and they replied with yes. Then I said “It’s a girl. Meet miss Madelynn Rae”!! They all thought she was going to be a boy because she was SO big. I wanted my mom to be the first person to hold her to show her how proud I am of her for coming such a long way in the past couple years. She was very grateful and I’m just glad she was able to hold her. Everyone was smitten over my baby girl!

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We are just over the moon with this little girl and I couldn’t feel more blessed.

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