Matt’s 30th Birthday Party

Guess who turned 30 last Friday?? That’s right, my beloved husband! I cant believe how fast time flies. Him being 30 means that 12 years ago is when I met him. 12 years ago is when I first laid eyes on the man I would be with the rest of my life. 12 years sounds like a lot but its not at all; it feels like we’ve blinked our eyes and all of the sudden we’ve been married for 6 years and have 3 kids. Its just crazy and cruel all at the same time. I’m so glad I get to spend all my days with him.
Back in January we had talked about going to Biloxi this weekend while my parents keep the kids but things didn’t fall into their right places so instead, I decided to have him a little surprise party. I text a few of our close friends earlier in the week and asked if they could come over and celebrate with us and they all responded with yes! Matt got home around 4:30 and I had everything setup. Decorations, food prepped, even a tablecloth on the table and balloons blown up but he still had no idea. He thought it was just going to be the 5 of us. Sure babe, I am positive we can all eat 18 hamburgers and 12 hot dogs.  Everyone arrived at 5:30 and he was so surprised. I’m glad we have such good friends that we can count on to help celebrate.
I literally spent all day long trying to set up, cook and clean. I did not sit down at all but I knew if i didn’t get it done that he would be home and get suspicious. Me and the kids even baked him the cutest two layer cake ever but this dummy right here dropped it. Yup, I dropped the cake in.the.floor. All over the floor. I went to get paper towels to clean it up and the next thing I knew Jocelynn is on the ground with her face covered in icing and says “Its good mommy! Its reawwy good!” That kept me from losing it. That and the fact that Jennifer was able to stop and pick one up real quick before they came! Thank you Jenn for that save!

Me and Matt had already planned to blow up the bouncy house before I decided to throw him a party. I knew more kids would be coming so it would be perfect. Matt and the twins blew it up when he got home and they didn’t come out of it until very late that night. 

I wanted to make Matt feel extra special so I made him this shirt;) He thought it was hilarious. I kept asking him if he felt 30 and he would reply “Babe, I feel 68”. Well baby you look damn good if you feel that old;)

My favorite part! His presents! I ordered this hilarious box from Amazon. It has all of the candy from the year 1984 in it. He loved it.. and so did the kids. I love nostalgic gifts that bring back so many memories.

Whats a 30th birthday party without margaritas? And I might add.. Margaritas as big as your face? Answer.. There is no such thing. I had a whole margarita section setup and it was so fun. He also got an iPhone 5s from the kids and he was completely shocked. I’m glad he liked his gifts so much! 

And of course I made my birthday man a “Dirty 30” banner! 

We all had so much fun celebrating the man in our lives. He is the best father, daddy and Husband a girl could ask for and he is all mine! I love you baby and hope you had the best birthday ever!!