Midweek Randoms



Yay! It’s the middle of the week. That means we are that much closer to the end of the week which bring my favorite day, Saturday! Which means football! Wahoo!

  • Yesterday was interesting. Maybe not interesting but down right depressing. Someone made an IG account and had pictures of their twins on there. Turns out her babies are actually mine. I put it on IG and everyone helped me report her but she ended up making another account and put pictures of my babies on there again, claiming they were hers! Everyone helped me report her again but that account still hasn’t been deleted. This really upset me. Not only because she was using pictures of my babies but because I really love IG and love looking at old photos and everyone’s sweet comments. Because of her I have created a new PRIVATE account and I will be watermarking pictures of the babies on the blog now too because she used photos from my blog as well. If you could do me a huge favor and go report this woman, I would be forever grateful. Her username is Momma1314. My new username is vanzantfamily1. If you want to follow, ill approve you (if its not risky). Thank you all so much for helping me yesterday! Make your account private people because something can happen!!


  • Maddie went and stayed with my parents this past weekend! The first time I was ever away from the twins was to go to the hospital to have Maddie lol. But that’s also because no one has ever asked to keep the babies. My mom called me last Wednesday and said “we want Maddie!” and I kindly replied with “OK!”. Maddie is at the easy stage and no trouble at all, so I knew she would do great and her grandparents could bond with her too! My parents have been so much help since the arrival of Maddie. I don’t know what I would do without them! I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to move to the beach. I would love to be closer to them and have their help more often. I don’t think they even consider it as “helping” me though. I think they truly love just spending time with their grandchildren and it makes my heart so happy!


  • Maddie turned FIVE months this past weekend! Really? I started her on a couple purees. I know I said I wouldn’t but she is SOO hungry! I had to do something! I will start finger foods and the BLW process around 6 months. Until then, this girl is eating all she can hah!


  • Halloween costumes are so incredibly expensive! Its quite ridiculous to me. Thank goodness for other mom friends who is sending me a couple of costumes. I would have loved to be the Incredibles but I cant force myself to spend that type of money for just one day/night.


  • Have you entered the giveaway I posted on Monday?? Go check it out! Jenna is giving away a $25 credit to her adorable shop! She makes the cutest banners, cupcake toppers and more!


  • Bird season came in on Saturday. If you aren’t a hunters wife, you probably don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about dove season. Matts dad has a huge shoot at his boss’s land. They have it catered and everything, On Sunday they shot at Joeys house (matts dad). After JP woke from his afternoon nap, I got him dressed in his camo and took him to meet Matt so he could hunt with daddy. He looked so precious and Matt said he had so much fun!


  • I’ve started working on some vinyl projects and its so much fun! You can do anything. Car decals, ipad/iphone monograms, wall decals, and the list goes on! I think im going to start taking custom orders! If you are interested in something like this just go to the top of the blog and click to email me! We will talk about pricing and everything from there! I’m going to be selling some treat buckets and spooky platters for cookies soon on IG!



  • I feel like I have so much more to tell you but don’t want to keep boring you all! Thank you all so much for being such wonderful followers! I love blogging and would hate to give up something I am passionate about because of one person. Hope you are all having a good hump day!!