Mothers Day Surprise

Guess where we went this weekend? If you guessed the beach, you’re right! My dad text me a few weeks ago and asked me if I would bring the kids up on Mother’s Day weekend to surprise mom. All I have to say is you don’t have to ask me twice. 1) I love seeing my parents anytime and whenever I can 2) I get a beach weekend 3)Oh, I get a beach weekend. Matt wasn’t able to make it with us because he had a couple surprises for his mom and needed to stay home. Before leaving I made all of us shirts. JP’s shirt said “I love MooMoo’, Joc’s shirt said “I love MooMoo more” and Maddie’s shirt said “I love MooMoo most”. I made me and my mom a shirt too. Hers said “MooMoo’ and mine said “Mom3”. I just thought it would be fun for us all to be wearing shirts when we surprised her and give hers to her when she saw us! 
If you follow me on IG you saw the video of how surprised my mom really was. It was the best. She almost cried! I love that I was able to make her feel that happy. After we all said our hellos and gave welcome kisses we headed to the beach to let the kids run around! Its amazing how kids react to the same thing differently at different ages. We were just at the beach in January but they didn’t care too much for the sand or ocean (not that we tried to get in but they were just scared). This time? Completely different and an amazing experience to see. I took their shoes off before they stepped in the sand. Jocelynn stepped in it first and started laughing hysterically. She looked at me and said “it tickles mys feet mom”. This made my heart melt. JP started laughing when he stepped in it too. It was all just “new” to them, even though they’ve been to the beach several times. Me and my dad even took them down to the water and let them put their feet in. Again, they started laughing so hard they could barely catch their breath. I wanted to freeze these moments of laughter in my head because to see things through their eyes is remarkable. An ocean? Its just an ocean to all of us but to two tiny toddlers its “big water” with sounds and sand and salt that tickles their feet. Its amazing to them. And seeing their amazement is amazing to me. 
Maddie didn’t care for any of it. She wasn’t fond of the sand but she did like the water. Mom and Maddie played on a blanket while we ran around with the toddlers. Ill let the pictures do some talking now..

We woke Saturday morning to an overcast sky but that didn’t stop us. We packed up food and a cooler and headed out to the beach again since the babies loved it so much. I don’t think they stopped running with excitement the entire time.

I love how fast the iPhone takes photos  now. I forgot my big camera but I am glad I was able to catch this on camera..

How funny is that? The boy fell flat on the sand face first and got right back up to start running again.
We went to dinner at The Back Porch that night. That place has some amazing crab legs if you ever go! JP and pops had a great bonding weekend. He talked about Pops the whole way home too.
The kids slept in until 9:30 that morning. That was the best Mother’s Day gift I could’ve asked for! I didn’t sleep real late but the fact I slept 30 minutes longer than I usually do was a gift in itself. When I stay with mom and dad, they wake up early with Maddie so thats a gift too! Thank you mom and dad!
We kept it simple for Mothers Day and grilled out pool side! Dad taught my kids how to grill! Not to fond of them being next to a hot grill but I know Pops would never let anything happen to them. They threw hot dogs and hamburgers right on there! It was hilarious!

After everyone got a long nap we got ready to go out and celebrate me and my mom being moms! We went to pier park first to try and find the choo-choo train. I told the twins on the way to the beach I thought there was a choo-choo train down there. Well, they didn’t forget about it and talked about it until we found one. It was a cute train and they loved it! JP held Uncle Matts hand while walking to find it and Uncle Matt was thrilled. So glad my babies got to spend some time with their uncle this weekend!

I gave my mom three sketches of all my babies that I had made on my silhouette. I also gave her a sheet of Sticky Grams! I love sticky grams! We all had such a wonderful Mother’s Day. I am glad I got to spend it with the person who taught me how to be a great mom. Love you mom!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful Mother’s Day!