My babies at 3!

 My babies, how are you three? It feels like yesterday we were celebrating your second birthday and then this past year had to go so fast. Both of you are amazing. We are all having so much fun and enjoy all of our time together.

Jocelynn and JP:

  • Y’all love each other so much. We will never be able to feel the amount of love y’all have for one another because we don’t have a twin. It is remarkable. You will fight like cats and dogs but get over it 5 minutes later and tell each other you love them. I love watching y’all grow together and grow separately. You both are so much alike and so different. We have realized that Jocelynn, you depend on having JP around more than he does you. You must feel secure with him nearby. JP, you are branching out and making new friends at school and we are so proud of you for being Mr. Independent. 

  • Y’all are such good siblings to Madelynn. You both love her possibly as much as you love each other. Its amazing to watch all three of you connect. JP and Maddie might be a tad more close than Jocelynn and Maddie. JP and Maddie like to cause a little chaos and trouble while Jocelynn likes to “mom” the situation. 
  • You are both paci free!! I literally never thought the day would come and y’all did amazing! The day I took y’all to the dentist, he told me I needed to take it away immediately. That’s exactly what I did when we got home. Y’all were not too thrilled but believe it or not, you both napped without it that day. The night time rolled around and y’all put up a fight but gave in rarely quick. 3 days later neither of you were even asking for it! Bedtime routine is a little bit harder now because instead of just laying in your beds sucking on that paci; y’all get out of bed, jump on the bed, sing, scream at each other and so on. We are still working on bedtime but mommy and daddy couldn’t be more proud of y’all!!

  • You are just like me. No doubt about it. You look like me, except 10x prettier than I ever was and you act like me. You are such a mom. You love taking care of your baby dolls and even more than that, you love to mother your siblings. I always tell you “Jocelynn, I am mommy. Not you”. 
  • You love to help me cook. Well, you actually love to help me period. You are such a good little helper too. I can ask you to get a diaper for me while I am changing Maddie and you do. I can ask you to get me a towel when I get out of the bath and you do. You do everything we ask of you. Most nights you sit on the bar and help me cook. You love shaking the spices onto the food or veggies but your favorite thing to do is lick any and all types of batter. 
  • You have one heck of a sweet tooth. You get that from your daddy. But you do love some chips and dip (which you get from your mommy). If you’ve done something really good you either ask for a Reese Cup or chips and white dip (french onion). Smart girl;)
  • You are so girly. I’m talking want to wear panty hose, headbands, bows and dresses all day everyday. I love it. You are so patient. You let me blow dry your hair and sometimes you ask me to curl it. You sit still the entire time and never whine or anything. You love having anything girly done to you. Especially when it comes to makeup! You have your own makeup case now and I have to admit, you are actually pretty great at putting it on. 
  • You are still pretty shy with people you don’t really know. That’s ok with me because I love getting the real Jocelynn all to myself. 
  • You love Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. You are going to be a singer. You love singing songs and dancing. You are just a good time bundled into a small human being my sweet girl. 
  • You talk SSOOOO much. You have an opinion about everything and you never mind sharing it. From telling daddy he needs to shave so he can kiss you to telling mommy you don’t like the color of nail polish on my nails. I wish I could write down all of the things you say but like I said, its a lot. 

  • You are all boy. You love tractors, fishing, boats, cowboy boots, and lawn mowers. Whenever you do something good we reward you with a tractor ride. You love playing football or “tackle” with daddy. You love kicking the soccer ball. I cant wait to watch you play soccer this fall! 
  • This might sound mean, but you are just a tad whiny my dear. Whether its whining from not getting what you want, because you’re tired or because Maddie took your toy.. its a lot lately. Mommy and Daddy don’t love you any less though. I am just writing this on here so you can look back in 10 years and say “I am sorry mom”. 
  • You would eat Mac-n-Cheese 3 times a day every day if I let you. You love it and because you love it so much, it has caused you to be very picky. You also have a sweet tooth just like your daddy. You ask for Reese Cups and gummy worms often and we will give them to you when you’re being rewarded. I think you might be able to eat a pound of Reese Cups all by yourself. Yup, you are your daddy’s son.
  • You talk so much!! Possibly more than your sister. You are so freaking funny too. We will all be in the car and you do not shut up. You’ll be singing a song, talking our heads off or tell us to turn the radio up REAWWWY WOUD. You are such an awesome kid to be around. I think you will definitely be your class clown… once we get out of the shy stage. 
  • You love spending one on one time with your daddy. I know daddy loves it too. You will walk up to daddy and say “Can we have some man time, pwease?” or “Its man-time!!” It is quite precious. When we all go do something as a family though you ask us “is this pamiwy time?” You are such a sweet heart. 
  • You are a little busy bee. You love running fast everywhere. You flip, cartwheel and spin in the air all the time. You’re pretty good too! I’m teaching you how to do a headstand right now and you get things immediately. I don’t even have to do it, I just explain it to you and you somehow figure it out and while attempting to do it, you eventually succeed. 
  • You’re coming out of your shell a bit. You have started talking to more people that you don’t really know well and you are even making friends with other boys in school! I am so proud of you. I never though you and your sister would ever not be shy but you’re proving me wrong and I am glad because you are so funny and I want others to see what I do. 
  • You are polite. You’ve always said thank you, you’re welcome and excuse me. We have been working on Yes sir and yes mam lately and you have already conquered it. So proud of you baby boy! 
  • You are just an amazing little fellow and we love you so much! I cant wait to see what this year brings you Bubba, I know it is going to be a good one.

Mommy and Daddy love y’all so much! Please don’t let this year fly by as well! Lets enjoy this year and enjoy our time together! Cant wait to spend 2015 with our new three year olds;)