My Charlotte Moment

I know all of you have seen Sex and the City 2 by now and if you haven’t, I’m sorry this will be a spoiler. Who loves Charlotte? Because I do! Her character was always one of my favorites because of her beauty inside and out.

I relate to her character a little because we had trouble conceiving the twins. Her and Harry had the same problem and they ended up adopting and then found out they were pregnant shortly after. Kind of like us finding out we were pregnant after going thru IVF to get twins and then BOOM. Well, in Sex and the City 2 there is one scene where Charlotte is making cupcakes, on the phone and both kids are wanting attention. Then one child hits her bottom with painted fingers and ruins a vintage skirt. At that moment she got off the phone and yelled at her daughter. She realizes she was overwhelmed and felt bad for yelling so she locks herself in the pantry and bawls. I cry at this scene every time I watch this movie because who couldn’t relate?

I feel like I’ve had a few of these moments in the past couple weeks. Jocelynn and JP are both getting in their eye teeth and its awful. The whining, the crying, the wanting to be held at the same time. Its hard. Add one 4 month old into the mix and it gets harder. Maddie is at a very easy age though and she is such an angel and very chilax about everything.

Last Sunday started off good. We were having fun and playing. Then Jocelynn started crying because she wanted to be held. I needed to put Maddie down for a nap and when I put Joc down to get Maddie she started screaming her head off. Maddie went to sleep. Then JP starts to whine. Both grabbing their gums and not knowing why they’re hurting. Just breaks my heart. My patience was shrinking and I wanted to scream or cry. I text the hubs to come home so I could go grocery shopping. I laid the twins down for a nap while he was on his way home. They went to sleep thank goodness. Matt got home and I ran out to the car to head to the grocery store. As soon as I got in the car I started crying. I couldn’t help myself. I cried the whole way there and the whole way back.

I hate when I start to lose my patience with them. I know they are hurting and I wish I could take it away from them. I try my hardest to comfort them while tending to Madelynn at the same time and I just get overwhelmed sometimes. Most days are awesome. We’ve just had a few not so good ones here lately and I don’t know what else to do but have a “charlotte moment”. I cant tell you right now that I love my job. Being a stay at home mom is the most rewarding job in the world but the most difficult too. I think I’m very good at it and I handle three babies under 18 months with grace. Most days are easy and we just have fun the whole day. I know we will have bad days and I know everyone does. It just breaks my heart and I wish you could forget those days as easily as you can yesterdays “good day”.

Hoping these teeth get thru soon and all is well again. What’s your “Charlotte moment”?