New Year Resolutions

I said last year that I wasn’t a resolution making type person. I still think everyone should try and be their best self every single day instead of try and conquer that goal annually. I try to be my best self every day and set goals or I guess you could say resolutions daily. I’m going to continue to do that and I want to share with you some of my goals/resolutions for this year and a few I will try to do daily.

  • Make my marriage number one. Kiss him, love him, tell him how much you love him daily. What us women don’t realize after having kids is how much men need this. They need to feel wanted and important too. My husband is my best friend and sometimes I neglect him when we are busy with the kids and its hard to find time. This year we will find time. We will live this year. We will go on a vacation just the two of us and spend time together. After all, it is a marriage that holds your family together so don’t feel bad about putting your spouse at the top of the list this year. 
  • Teach them more. Me and my babies do a lot within a day but I want to teach them more. I want to be able to listen to them and say “yup, I taught them that”. Most of everything they do at this age is because their momma has taught them but I feel like we have been slacking. There has been too much game playing and not enough learning or reading. Still a hangover from Christmas? Maybe so. I have been looking on Pinterest for some ideas to do with them daily and I am thinking of starting the letter of the week type plan. Do you plan out your days with your babies? I was thinking of starting a series on here every Sunday about preparing for the week before, what do y’all think?
  • Get to goal weight and exercise more. This is a goal for every single person in the united states every.single.year. Right? Well last year I lost weight, I started feeling good and it made me want to actually get out of my yoga pants for once. I have about 7 more lbs to go until my goal weight but I would like to get down another 5 or 10 after that. If I can. Might be unrealistic but I still don’t feel like I am me yet. I have been in a lot of pain lately so I haven’t been able to work out. They say it is good for RA but I want to punch them in the face because my left wrist feels like it is broken. I don’t even know how to move it without screaming out in pain. For now, I will wait until I see the RA doctor and get on some medicine. Hopefully I will start feeling better and am able to workout!
  • Pay, Save, Pay, Save. We have a good many doctor bills. I want to pay those off this year and start saving money so we can build the house we want to live in. The house we want to raise our family in and the house we will stay in. So lets get those bills paid off and start saving that green!!
  • Get out of the yoga pants! You don’t even have to put on jeans, you can out on leggings. Just make sure you do your hair and makeup more often!! Look pretty every day for yourself and for your man!! I will do this.
  • Read the Bible. I bought a daily bible a while back and I would really like to challenge myself to read the entire thing this year. I need God in my life right now and I feel close to him when I read. We recently stopped going to Church but not because we wanted to. Sundays have just been busy days and we are trying to find a new church to attend too. A church that fits us and our family. We might end up going back to the previous one but it doesn’t hurt to look around.
  • BLOG!! This blog is one of my top priorities this year. I want to blog more. I want to bring you more recipes, crafts and ideas to take home with you. I want to blog more about my babies because this is our life journal and I feel like I have been failing at it lately. I need to just blog more. PERIOD> 
I have a few daily goals too. Text/call friends more often and check on them, call my mom and dad everyday, and send fun mail to friends. What are your goals for the year 2015? Is it seriously 2015.. that is just crazy.