Nugget Update

Sorry to keep yall on your feet! My wonderful mom has been here since my shower on Sunday helping me organize my entire house or as I call it “kick butt nesting”!

Last week I went to the doctor and I haven’t dilated yet and BP looked awesome. My doctor told me she was going on a cruise this week and since everything looked so good we would go another 2 weeks without seeing one another instead of starting the weekly appointments. Wow, I wish she wouldn’t have told me that! I feel like things started going down hill as soon as she said that. I always have contractions and in fact I’ve had them this pregnancy since I was 15 weeks but on Sunday morning? I woke up cramping and having the worse contractions ever. The hubs was fishing and the babies were hungry and all I wanted to do was sit down so I put them in the car in their car seats and rode to Mickey D’s while I called the doc. I picked up my friend, Jill, on the way. We got back to her house and the on call doc called me back. She said to try the Tylenol, bath and water routine (which never ever helps me). So, my amazing friend and her sister kept the babies while I rushed home to do just that. I got out of the bath and was still having the contractions. Jill and Anna were back with the babies by then and they made me put my feet up on the couch and rest while they played. The contractions were slowing down but intensity wasn’t getting any better. AT.ALL. I sat there and painted my finger nails and did my makeup because my shower was on Sunday and I didn’t want to miss that! I also didn’t want to call the doctor back because it didn’t seem like a big deal?

Two o’clock rolled around and I drove over to my shower. Everyone could tell I didn’t feel well. And I would have to stop during mid-walk and hold on to something while having a contraction. They had snacks out and the cake was so cute and I’m glad I got to enjoy it and celebrate this little blessing, even if I was in pain!




My sister is a nurse and she was freaking out because my contractions were coming quick. I’m use to this so I wasn’t panicking. She called the doctor back and then…


Yup, fun stuff. By the time I got to the hospital they were less than a minute and a half apart. I was dilated though. What the heck? hah! So the on call doc decided to give me some pain medicine to slow the contractions down and try and let me rest for a little while. I felt great after that;)


My contractions slowed down to 10 minutes and then got to the point where I was only having around three per hour, which is awesome for me! I even took a nap before going home (which also never happens for me)!

I’ve still been in some pain but now that I feel good about the house I feel like I can rest and just enjoy these last couple of weeks! My cesarean is scheduled for the 8th of April if I do not go into labor. That is TWO weeks from Monday! AH! I’m so glad nugget decided to wait thru this week so my doctor can get back from her vacay. I’m excited to see if I’ve dilated any at my appointment next week!

**BTW~ All of this was definitely my fault! We took the babies to the zoo on Saturday and walked a LOT! But I was just wanting to spend some time with my babies before they have a brother or sister. They had a blast and it was so much fun until the next day;( Zoo post coming soon!