Opening Weekend- Dove season 2017

Here in this family ,and our neck of the woods, there is one weekend we all get together and have a blast. Besides the iron bowl of course which is opening weekend of Dove season. I didn’t shoot this year because me and the girls did the cooking and watched the kiddos. It doesn’t really matter because its fun anyways. We cook, we spend time with family and we all just have pure fun. 

We’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember but involving our children has been truly special. Our little rednecks love it as much as we do. Literally, JP counted down for months. 

2016 Dove season..Also one of my favorite pictures. 

Through the years on the opening weekend of Dove season, that Sunday we always go to Joeys house, my FIL. Everyone brings something and we sit around until the birds start flying. There has been days where nothing has flown and we had just as much fun. This year it was such an amazing day, it was mild and actually kind of cool. I don’t ever remember not sweating on this day. It is usually 90 degrees with 100 percent humidity. 

The day before Matt goes and helps his dad and dads boss with their business shoot. Since JP could walk he has taken him along. JP loves his man time!

Two of his favorite people, pawpaw and daddy, and he gets to spend all day with them. I love that they have that tradition. 

2017 Dove shoot….

As you can tell, just fun with family. The next few weekends if weather holds up we try to shoot at least one more time at Joeys house. My dad was able to make it one of those weekends! We didn’t even get to shoot but we sat around, ate good food and spent quality time together.