Our First Family Christmas- Part One

I know, I am totally doing these posts out of order but I wanted to post about our very first Christmas as a family of four before it was too late!

We had such a magical Christmas this year. I loved sharing it with my wonderful husband, our two beautiful angels, and the miracle growing in my belly. Knowing how blessed I am to have my babies with me and such a loving husband made Christmas my best one yet.

We started celebrating on Christmas Eve. We went to Matt’s moms house that afternoon to open presents, eat and enjoy good company. IMG_5612IMG_5613IMG_5614IMG_5615IMG_5616IMG_5617


We had a wonderful time! And yes, momma finally got a Keurig!! Oh yeah! My poor little buddy did what he always does…. sleep. hah! I think the whole “opening of the presents” is very overwhelming to him because he fell asleep after opening gifts every time!! How cute is Jocelynn’s “piggy” face?

When we got home my best friend a.k.a Aunt Jill and her sister a.k.a Aunt Anna came over to give the babies their gifts from them. They were so excited to see Jill and Anna. They love them so much and I think they really enjoyed their gifts!!


Sorry for the picture overload! And I know they aren’t the best quality.. remember me telling you about my lens? Yeah that happened that day. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives that love our babies enough to spend time with them and buy gifts for them. We love yall Aunt Jill and Aunt Anna;)