Our First Weekend Apart

This past weekend was a very busy one. We knew it would be busy so we planned months ago that my parents would get all three babies for the weekend. I have to say, I was so unbelievably excited about getting a couple of days to clean the house, spend some time with the hubs, and just do things that I’m not able to do with three babies. By the second day, I was missing them terribly.

I met my parents on Thursday morning and all five of them were beach bound after that. I was so nervous for them. Not going to lie. They are all great babies but a baby can be great and not do good riding for six hours. That’s a long way for me and I get irritated riding so I know how they must feel. After dropping them off I went to go get a spray on tan because I had to be in a wedding on Saturday. I didn’t want to bother my parents but I couldn’t resist not calling them. I had packed an emergency bag filled with toys, bottles for Maddie, books, and snacks. I knew that would help the ride if they got agitated. Well, you aren’t going to believe this but they were doing great when I had called. It made me feel so much better and I could relax a little bit. I went to Wal-Mart and rented a steam cleaner for the carpet and bought a few more things. I then went home and cleaned the carpet. Along with everything else in my house;). I then started getting nervous again so I called my parents AGAIN. Dad told me they were about 20 minutes out from their house and he said they had been terrific. What? Why can’t they enjoy the ride with me? hah. He said they talked about the cows, took a few naps, and ate some snacks. I was so proud of them! So I resumed my cleaning and took a break from it all when the hubs got home with steaks! We enjoyed our quiet dinner, face timed our babies and watched a little TV before heading to bed. I could not sleep at all that night. Its kind of funny when you think about it because whenever they wake in the middle of the night, I get mad because I’m sleepy, and yet I can’t sleep without them either!

I woke up the next morning, made breakfast and actually got to watch Live with Kelly and Michael instead of Bubble Guppies. It was so nice. I then went shopping! Something that is a very hard task to do with three babies. I enjoyed it greatly. While enjoying this day I might should tell you I did call my mom every 20 minutes just to check on my sweet angels and every time I called it sounded like they were having a blast. I headed home to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. I was so busy on Friday and had so much fun that I didn’t realize how much I was missing them. I love that I got a weekend but when you have three babies by your side 24/7 and then you don’t all of the sudden; you feel very lost. The rehearsal was so much fun. It is one of my very best friends who got married and I love her dearly. I was so proud to be apart of her special day! After a few drinks, I think the old me was starting to kick in because for some reason I made everyone laugh. I told Matt “babe, I am funny again. They think I’m funny”. Me and Matt even went to his dads after the dinner and shot a game of pool. Although I wish we hadn’t because I almost didn’t get up on Saturday! I might should add in that it was mine and Matt’s FIVE year anniversary! We got to spend a great evening together and I am so lucky to have this wonderful man in my life. I love you baby!

I had to be there at 7 am to start the hair and makeup process. I did all the bridesmaids hair including myself. I was last on the list for makeup so I walked outside after hair to Face Time my babies. I didn’t expect it but I started bawling while talking to them. I missed them so much. I had to hang up the phone after Jocelynn said “I love you mommmmy” because I was crying so hard. I called my dad back and told him I was sorry and he reassured me everything was good and they were about to go eat some lunch and have some fun. I went back inside and everyone could tell I was crying and asked me about the babies. Again I started crying and told them I didn’t want to talk about it! At least I didn’t have my makeup done yet!

The wedding was beautiful and everything turned out wonderfully! I had to leave the reception a little earlier than expected because Matt didn’t feel well. I went home to check on him and we watched the bama game and just sat around. I have to say that I do not know what we did before babies. It is so unbelievably boring without them. I guess that’s the point of a break though, right? We woke up Sunday and finished all the cleaning that needed to be done before going to meet my parents. My house isn’t as messy as I make it out. I am just OCD about everything and wanted the house spotless before the babies came back home.

We ended up getting to McDonald’s before my parents did. We chose Mickey D’s so the babies could stretch their legs for a minute and grab a bite to eat. When their car pulled in the parking lot I RAN to the rear door to see my sweets! They were so excited to see us! I held them all in my arms and didn’t want to let go! Three days isn’t long but it feels like a lifetime when I have never been away from them that long (well, besides leaving them to go have another baby). My sweet Maddie was so sweet and gave me tons of kisses during lunch while the twins played. They were all so good on our ride home. They all slept for about 30 minutes or maybe even an hour. And when they woke up they did not stop talking until we pulled into our driveway. It was like they were telling us all about their fun weekend. We were so glad to have them home! We just all cuddled and relaxed until bedtime;)

Here are some pics from the babies weekend!

I know they love their moo-moo and pops so much. Every morning when I go get them out of their cribs they “call for them”. “Moo-Moo and Pops, arrreeee youuuu?” And Jocelynn has been saying “Pops gone gone” ever since we picked them up! So glad they have their moo-moo and pops!

Thank you mom and dad so much! I know I missed them dearly but I can’t tell you enough how badly I needed a break. A break from the constant picking up, a break from the witching hour, a break from it all. It was so nice and I really did enjoy myself. Y’all are such wonderful grand-parents and the kids know that. We are so grateful to have y’all in our lives and having your help means the world to me and Matt. Thank you again. We love y’all so very much!