Our Memorial Weekend

Our memorial weekend started off with a couple of our best friends! Jen and her kids came over Friday and we tried to get a tan while they all played and swam. I was so impressed with how good all the kids played, they all had so much fun together. After the husbands got there and the kids tired out from swimming we ordered some dinner and played Rook. The four of us use to stay up all night long and play rook pre children. It was so much fun. While we were playing I checked in on the kids and they were at the dining room table playing their own game of UNO. How precious!? 

Matt fished on Saturday so I let the kids swim in the pool again! I knew this house would be such a great investment as soon as I saw that pool. It has been so amazing for the kids and I love that they love it so much. 

We usually always “celebrate” Memorial Day on that Sunday because Matt usually never gets off work on that day. By “celebrate” I mean what people usually do on Memorial day; you know get on the boat, cookout, swim, and more. We smoked a brisket all night the night before and had plenty of other goodies to go along side of it.. potato salad, deviled eggs, asian slaw, trifle, Oreo pie, cupcakes, and ice cream! 

After full bellies we rode the pontoon for a little while. That thing is a babysitter for my children because as soon as we take off, they fall asleep! I guess the boat and wind acts like white noise and they just give in. It is literally the only time my children EVER take naps! We had such a good time with Milly, Matt’s mom, and Ken, her fiancee! 

Thank you to all of the fallen soldiers who fought for our country. Because of your bravery, we are free.