Our Night Away!!

Around the summer time we started hanging out more with some friends we’ve known for years but have never really gotten that close to. Steve and April are their names and they have a 6 year old boy who my babies absolutely love. My babies actually love all of them which doesn’t happen very often. Or it does, but you have to be a constant in their little lives if you want them to like you. Except Maddie, that child will literally go to anyone; unless you have a long white beard, wear a red suit and say Ho Ho Ho.
This week has been a rough one for my RA. I haven’t been able to sleep all that well and when I do sleep it hurts. Matt wanted to do something for me so he asked our friends April and Steve to stay with the babies Saturday night so we could 1)spend some time together 2)get some r&r and 3)maybe just maybe have a little fun too. They gladly obliged. I am not use to having people in my life willing and wanting to keep the babies no questions asked so it was a nice change. April loves babies/kids are is very great with them. Steve is too. They came to our house around 4 on Saturday afternoon. I told her all things related to kids and we got the hell out of there. Am I the only one who smiles from ear to ear when you get in the car (sans kids), start driving and turn your radio up so loud it feels like it is about to bust your ear drums? I love my babies with all my heart and I am so happy to see them when I go home but it is so nice to get a break, especially when you usually don’t get that many. 
How adorable is my Peek-a-whoo bag?!? I was so glad I had an excuse to finally use it! I won it a month ago on their IG page!
Me and the hubs jammed out, held hands, sang, kissed, and then ended up in Wetumpka at Windcreek. Its a casino in Alabama and it is really nice. We just wanted to do something fun that we usually wouldn’t do and betsy (my car) ended up driving us there. One of my resolutions this year is to freaking live a little. I’m not very good at going with the flow anymore since having kids but I am bringing that part of me back this year. 

We had the best time. We won a little money, ate an incredible dinner and just let loose. We did have a few grownup drinks too. My preferred drink for the night was sex on the beach while Matt drank Crown and Dr pepper. I haven’t drank since.. Well, I cant tell you when. I woke up to an unreliable amount of pain on Sunday morning though so I quickly figured out alcohol is not my friend with RA, or until I can get on medicine for it. I might have been in a lot of pain Sunday but it was worth it because we had a ball.
We woke up, got dressed and went to eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel. It was so yummy!! We then headed home. Turned the radio loud, held hands and sang all the way home! 
When we got home everything and everyone was great! April had even done a load of laundry, the dishes and made pancakes and ham for the babies that morning! She is so awesome! I told her I wish I would have won a lot of money because I would have definitely given her half of it! Thank you April and Steve for taking care of our babies and loving us like family because we love y’all too!