Part Two of our First Christmas

After a busy Christmas Eve we bathed the babies, put on their cute holiday jammies, and tucked them into bed! After saying goodnight to our wonderful children we began to put everything together and out under the Christmas tree. Better late than never.. right?

Me and Matt woke up pretty early Christmas morning to finish setting everything up and get breakfast cooked. The babies didn’t wake up until 7:30. We put them on the ground (where they usually drink their bottle) and changed their diapers. While we were changing their diapers they noticed all of the toys under the tree and crawled over there so unbelievably fast! It was the cutest thing ever!

Then we sat and played with toy, after toy, after toy. It was truly an amazing thing to see them so excited about everything at such a young age. It makes me excited for next year (although I don’t want it coming too fast!).

Our past holidays together have been special because we shared them as husband and wife and before then boyfriend/girlfriend, but I cannot put into words how special it is celebrating as a family this year. Seeing a little bit of yourself and your husband in your children is such a special thing and being able to share such a special and magical holiday with them was beyond words. Me and Matt still cannot believe how blessed we are to have two little angels in our lives that we love so much!



Then it was off to pa-paws house! Sorry for the picture overload again! After was Christmas!!


There were some new puppies at papaws house and Jocelynn had to check them out. She would grab them by the head and look at them with such amazement! It was so funny!


And Im sure you already know what JP ended up doing…..


hah! Baby boy loves his sleep! They got some wonderful gifts and some great big hugs!

We left papaws house and went home to play with all of our awesome toys!! We wanted to spend the rest of the day as a family and enjoying our little ones. I cant even imagine what next year is going to be like and how much more blessed we are going to feel adding to our family! Bad weather came but we survived and babies didn’t even know because they were so preoccupied by all of their toys! I have no clue what I’m going to do with all of these toys!! They have ran out of room in their playroom!! AH! We will definitely be reorganizing some things around here because nugget has to fit somewhere 😉