Roundup on Wednesday

Today is Wednesday right? Not Friday? Oh, so I was just hoping. Not that it being Friday makes any difference for a SAHM except the fact you might get to see your husband a little more often.

 My body has been hurting on and off so I get in bed around 8:30 to just lay down and rest. I might not go to sleep until midnight but I try to rest my body when it is hurting like that. I haven’t had actual pains like I use to, more than anything it has been my body being extremely tired. I know fatigue is a major symptom of lupus and I am still getting use to that one. Im one who likes to get up early and stay up late so I can get things done around here.  Things I need to get done (cleaning, laundry, play with kids, wash the dishes, orders from etsy) and want to get done (blog, plan an activity for kids the next day, create new work for Etsy, and come up with fun projects for the blog). Yeah, I never have time anymore. I am trying and I try a little harder each and every day. Blogging is something I love to do. I love bringing you all recipes, fun activities and DIY projects. I will not let Lupus take that away from me. I am about to buy a new laptop so when I do flareup I don’t have any excuses not to blog!
These past weeks have been fun, busy, overwhelming and stressful all at the same time.

So lets get back to rounding up some randoms so we can get all caught up!!

A few weeks ago my dad came to visit!! My mom wasn’t able to come BC she is not in the best of health right now (if you could all say a prayer for her please). I was still so happy my dad was able to make it. I hadn’t seen him since Christmas!! I might be a mommy’s girl but I love my daddy too. He is my rock. He is the smartest man I know and the most hard working. He loves his grand babies and had missed them terribly. We had so much fun spending time with him!

Our weekend with him started with meeting dad, my sister, Meagan, and her son, Charlie, at Air-walk in Birmingham. Dad had seen pictures on Instagram of us going and he wanted to witness all the action and fun.

Dad went and spent some time with Charlie and Meagan that night. We had all planned on watching Charlie play t-ball Saturday but since it practically flooded the night before, his game got cancelled. Dad ended up meeting us in Chelsea and we looked at a few houses that my mom could possibly live in a few months! I cant wait for my mom to move back, its going to be amazing having someone close to me. I just really hope she gets healthy and strong so she’s able to enjoy her grand babies like I know she wants. Anyways, we found some really cute ones right in Chelsea Park.

We went home and had fun with the babies. We grilled out, fished off the bank and caught a lot of bream. My dad really enjoyed seeing what we do all the time and how we never stop. He enjoyed every bit of it.

The next day we went to the Galleria. We might have shown up two hours before they opened (whoops) but we found entertainment. I cant believe the Galleria doesn’t open until 12 on Sundays, like really? I thought it use to be 10 or 11 when I was younger? Oh well. Nothing I can do about it, right? We rode the escalators 1,237 times and walked around the entire mall. Then it finally opened!! We rode the carousel three times, ate a yummy fattening lunch and did a little shopping. Pops loves spoiling us. He bought Jocelynn real diamond earrings, a new suitcase and a monogrammed purse. Jp got a new monogrammed lunch box and some more stuff and Maddie got this stuffed pink bear she just had to have, along with a few other things (that I cant remember). Oh, and he bought me some pretty awesome new shoes! Thank you so much Pops for everything. We love spending time with you and cant wait to see you again.

My dad has promised me he is going to start coming out monthly to see us so one more week until the next time he comes!! YAY!

That next week the kids had school and me and Maddie caught up on some cleaning around the house. Then the next week Jocelynn started running a very high fever that Monday. By Wednesday she was very horse and had a barky cough so I took her to see the doctor. Jp was showing symptoms too so I made the appointment for both of them. It ended up being croup. The doctor put them both on steroids to try and help their chests. They missed school that week and we stayed at home all weekend (but went fishing a couple times upon request of babies). Maddie started running a high fever Friday night but seemed completely fine on Saturday. By Saturday I had only gotten 5 hours of sleep that whole week. It was rough on my body, especially now. I think I handled it ok, although I was exhausted. By Sunday, everyone was feeling so much better (THANK YOU LORD). Then yesterday, I took the twins to school. Dropped them off and headed back home. Maddie threw up on the way home. She didn’t have a fever or anything. I think it was just because her milk didn’t settle well. So we got home and I got her out and inside to take a bath. I bathed her good, dear lord she stunk. I got her out and she sat and watched Bubble Guppies while I went and sprayed the car seat, got the cover off to wash and lysoled everything. By the time I got all that done Miss Angie, the twins teacher, text me that Jocelynn hadn’t stopped crying since I dropped her off. Jocelynn was telling her teachers that her ear hurt really bad. Then I remembered her telling me the side of her face hurt that morning and when I put 2 and 2 together, I just had a feeling she had an ear infection. It is nice her being a tad bit older and being able to tell me what hurts. I got the carseat back in, Maddie dressed and we were on our way back to the school. I went ahead and called our wonderful pediatrician and the nurse told us just to come on. I was so grateful for that since we live an hour away from their office. When I walked to the playground to pick the twins up, Miss Angie was still holding Jocelynn. Jocelynn made me hold her right away and said “I fink I need to go to the doctor. I fink he needs to wook in my ear.” Well, turns out she was right. Double ear infection. To be honest, I am so glad an ear infection is what was wrong so she could get meds for it. She had been so fussy and uncomfortable. Thank goodness she got to get treated.

I gave her a dose ASAP and some Motrin when we got home. After 30 minutes of her resting on the couch she was up and at it. She felt so much better after getting some anti inflammatories in her. I’m hoping she feels great by Thursday BC her and JP have their end of year school program that day. I cant wait to see them sing all their songs!!