The Twins @ Kindergarten!!

Yup, you heard that correct. I swear I blinked and my babies are now kindergartner’s. The babies we tried four years for then went through IVF to get. Why must time fly? Time is so cruel. 

The week before Jocelynn and JP started Kindergarten, we went to meet the teacher. They were so nervous and excited. I may have been even more nervous than they were. I mean my babies are going to a big school! 

We prayed and prayed so hard for the right teacher for them. I wanted someone who was nurturing, sweet and understanding of shy children. We lucked out y’all and got the teacher we prayed for. She is a doll and the twins absolutely fell in love with her the first night they met her.

You know the night before we just had to read a book about going to kindergarten. Jocelynn and Jp’s sweet pre-k teacher gifted them this book when they left preschool!               

Jocelynn wanted to make a good first impression with curly hair. After bath time I wrapped her hair in curlers so it would be ringlets come morning! After reading our book, I kissed my babies 50 times before letting them go to sleep. I knew this was going to be hard but it turned out extremely hard to let my littles become big. 

Then BAM! Morning came and it was time to head to their first day of Kindergarten!! I cooked a yummy breakfast to get Jocelynn and Jp’s bellies happy and then took the official first day pics.

I am so glad my step MIL was able to go with us that morning. I think she may have known that I needed some moral support for this. 

I told the twins to show us their class, just to see if they remembered where it was from meet the teacher. They grabbed each others hand and headed down the hallway. 

They did great. They walked right to their class!! I was so proud of them. After I got them settled in I felt a huge wave of emotions about to come so I had to get out of there. I knew if they saw me crying, they would not stay. I kissed them, hugged them and walked out. As I was walking down the hallway that wave became a tidal wave right out of my eyes. I didn’t mean to but I felt so nervous, scared, and excited for Jocelynn and JP. Just all the feels; seriously.  

Turns out all the feels I was having faded shortly after I realized how much I could get done around the house and how much playtime we had with each other when we got home. (Insert laughing emoji here, or four). No, I miss them so much but it is nice to have a little time to get stuff done and have one on one time with Maddie. As soon as we drop the twins off, Maddie sings “Mommy and Maddie time!!” She also informed me one day that I had never smiled that much. Well, thanks Maddie. Make momma feel like shit for real. I might have also died laughing when she said that. 

We are about a month in of the Vanzant twins going to school and they are doing great! Pics for proof…