Talk on Thursday

Let’s talk on this chilly Thursday. And by talk, I do mean catch up! I have to catch you up on everything that has been going on and I have to do it kind of fast because I have one baby who is yelling her crib and another who is kicking the wall. Apparently naps aren’t happening today but that’s ok, they can have a little “quiet time” while momma writes what she needs to.

  • Last time I posted it was about my results. We still haven’t gotten the results back on biopsies but hoping and praying for best outcome. I haven’t been able to take anti-inflammatories for a week because it could cause my stomach to bleed where they took the biopsies. I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this before but my body hurts me. All the time. There’s rarely a day that passes that I feel great. Lately by the time night rolls around and I cant squeeze my hands, move my shoulders or knees and the tops of my feet. I don’t know whats going on but it is causing a lot of pain. I thought I was too young to have rheumatoid arthritis but a lot of my family members have it and I guess I’m being tortured with it at an earlier age. This is the worse pain i have ever felt in my life. Makes me want to give my dad a big hug because he has lived with it for a while now. Hopefully I can go to the doctor soon and get on some meds that will help my pain because lord knows it is hard taking care of my three babies hurting this bad. 
  • My mom flew in last week to help with the kids during my procedures and I miss her already. I have missed her since I dropped her off at the airport Friday night. Matt took the twins with him and me and Maddie took mom. But what’s a short girls trip to the airport without stopping by target first? We had fun and got to spend a little more time together before saying goodbye. I hate saying goodbye to her. I miss my parents so much and while I wish they were my next door neighbor, I know that cant happen. I am glad they are happy with where they live though and that dad loves his job! I love and miss you mom and dad;)
The babies always enjoy seeing their moo moo!
Maddie is so tough. I cant even explain how tough she is. Oh, wait yes I can. Lets start with her going up and down steps all by herself. She has been going this for a couple months but recently not using her hands at all. The other night she decided to try that going down our back porch steps to go play. Didn’t really work out in her favor. She rolled down about four of them, said “UH OH”, stood up and ran to the slide. We recently found hives all over her legs. My sister is a pediatric nurse and I text her a picture of them because I was scared it was ringworm. She showed the picture to her doctor and he thought it could be from a virus or big bites. Ive been treating them and they’re getting better. Never once did that girl complain about those. Then there is last night… Me and Matt were finishing our dinner at the table (because it takes 3 minutes for the kids to eat) when we hear a huge BANG from the playroom. Maddie was under a shelf that had fallen and barely cried. I guess its that time to start nailing furniture to the wall. Later last night I realized she even had a gash in her forehead and big knot. Like I said the girl is tough as nails.

  • Matt has been off work for the past two weeks! He went back this week though and I have to say we have missed him dearly. He really spoiled me helping with the kids. We had so much fun too. We went shopping, fishing, hunting and played lots of “tackle” (what JP calls football) at home. I love my baby so much. He is the best person I know and an even better father than I ever imagined. He got to take Jocelynn hunting one afternoon and then JP the next. He loves his babies! 
I got Matt and the twins batman pajama onesies and believe it or not, Matt thought it was awesome. So did the twins of course! They looked precious;)

  • The twins had their last day of MDO for the holiday break today. They got to wear their jammies and bring their favorite stuffed animal or blanket. I picked them up and they were thrilled to tell me all about the “moobies” (movies) they watched and popcorn they ate.

  • We live on the lake in a very small town as I have mentioned before. There are parades and all that if you drive into town but we love the parade on the water! We drove to the hunting club at the end of the road to get a good seat to see all of the lit up boats. The kids went nuts. They loved every single boat and still talked about it the next day!