The Results

By now you all know I had my colonoscopy and endoscopy done on Wednesday morning. Everything went very smoothly and by that I mean I don’t remember a thing. Momma got some good stuff in that room.

After being called back and “prepped” I got taken to a room. Just a regular room. Not an operating room or anything like that. I thought that was cool but I guess you don’t need a huge space to do these procedures since its not surgery. I actually enjoyed the tiny room because it was very warm in there and I was so cold all morning long. The doctor came in before the anesthesiologist gave me my sleepy medicine to tell me a few things. He told me the bacteria I had tested positive for in the office is the number one cause for cancer so he was glad that we had found that. Yup, I was scared shitless when he told me that. He told me they were going to look for signs of Crohn’s disease and he would be able to tell me that day if I had it or not. Then he told me a couple more things and told me to lay on my side. I kept talking and noticed I felt funny. I looked at the nurse and said “You gave me something, didn’t you?”She replied yes. I kept talking more and more. Im surprised I didn’t start dancing on the hospital bed because that’s what anhestisia does to me. After trying to have a conversation with myself the nurse pat my shoulder and said “Hey hunn, I am going to give you just a little more. Okay?” Well, crap Jennifer.. Insurance is going to hit us hard with that one since I had to have more. Am I right?

The next thing I remember is waking in recovery. I was told my throat would be so unbelievably sore but mine didn’t hurt at all! I was so excited. Turns out I had gastritis too along with this bacteria infection. I didn’t get to talk to the doctor but he told Matt that both of those things can cause a lot of pain. Thank the Lord, it wasn’t more severe than that. They also took a few biopsies and removed a polyp. We will get those results back next week. Still praying for good results on those too. I felt so much better to find out what was causing me so much pain these past months and that we can treat it to get rid of it. I am so glad my OB recommended that I go to thin because without her doing that, this bacteria could’ve gone on to form into a cancer. I know that he was watching out for me too.

Thank you all for the prayers and happy thoughts during this process. I will post something next week about the other results.