The Sweetest Photo Shoot

I feel like so much has happened lately. I mean, I know it has but I feel so lost. I feel so behind on everything and cant get back in control. There’s so many blog posts I wanted to do by now and so many other things that need to be done that I just haven’t been able to find the time to do them.
A month or so ago I dressed the babies up and took them to find a pretty place so we could take photos. It has been a while since we’ve taken pretty pictures and considering I use to do it every 2 or 4 months, I am way behind. 
They are all so beautiful. I am not going to lie and you know I am not bias;)  I was thinking how funny each one is now and I really need to blog about their personalities. I don’t want to forget these things! I have got to catch up on all things so we will forever have these posts. In 20 years from now we can look back and read it all to them. The twins and Madelynn can learn how they were when they were young. I am going to split this up in a few different posts so I can do each of my babies! Yes, I am aware they aren’t “babies” anymore but they are indeed my babies.

Lets start with all three of you. Together as a whole. Y’all are so funny. You love each other so much. There’s been a lot more fighting than laughing lately but when we hear those laughs it is music to our ears.
Y’all love playing with each other. No matter what, yall will always play together and have each others back. If one wants to run, you all run. If one wants to ride their bike, you all ride your bike. So many people think y’all are triplets now. Maddie is just a tad bit taller than JP now and Jocelynn is the tallest. You all look like triplets. Maddie can do anything and everything that the twins can do. She thinks she is a 3.5 year old instead of 2.5.

I love how close you all are. I hope you all stay that close as you grow older. That you will always have someone to lean on, besides your mommy and daddy of course.
Y’all have started imaginative play this year. Recently that imaginative play is JP and Jocelynn acting like Maddie’s babies. They call her mommy and she responds every time. It is hilarious. She lays them down for bed, covers them up, takes them to potty and more! It is so much fun watching your imaginations grow and watch you pretend to hunt a deer n the house, or catch a fish from the dining room table with a piece of string.

Mommy love all of  you so much. I am sorry that mommy hasn’t been the same recently. You all know Moo-moo is sick but you are too young to understand anything else. It has consumed me and all I can think about. I told them that Moo-moo had something in her stomach that was causing her to be very sick. JP came back with “Is it a mean caterpillar?!” Yes, my son. It is a mean caterpillar. JP even told that to Moo-moo while talking to her on the phone and she laughed so hard then said “Maybe it will turn into butterflies!”

Y’all did so good for our mini session. I always take pictures of you all so its nothing to get y’all to smile now! Especially Jocelynn, she is all about her model cheese face now and posing. I love it!! I love you sweet babies, mommy will make up this past month to y’all and we are going to go do some fun things!