The twins 3 1/2 Pirate and Mermaid party! Part 1

We had the twins birthday party this summer, rather than on their actual birthday December 30th. Which we did have a very small party that involved cake in December but we asked that no one bring presents since we knew we would be throwing them a half birthday party. I know a lot of people who do this and to be honest, it is pure genius. Every single party, or just the two so far, we have had in December it has been freezing and or raining. We there their party on June 30th and although it was storming all day that one day, it stopped right at party time!! We did a mermaid and pirate party! I had been so excited about this and started planning it in late February! 
I started making decorations and even ordering party stuff in February so it wouldn’t be so stressful come party day. Also, I watched on Oriental Trading, Amazon and more party sites and when things that matched with the theme to their party went down on price I would buy! 
We had the party at home in the backyard! We blew up two bouncy houses, had a huge tent for the food, walk the plank, seashell painting station and more!
So lets get to it! Here’s my babies Mermaid and Pirate 3rd (or 3.5) birthday party! 
JP and Jocelynn in front of their beautiful cakes that Matt’s mom made them! 
I made their shirts using my silhouette design program and printable iron transfer!

I had an area set up when people arrived to grab their gear! Tiaras and wands for the mermaids and pirate hats or bandannas and eye patches for the pirates! I even had some inflatable swords in a bucket for the boys to play with and that was a hit!

The wands- Dollar wands from Target and I wrapped tulle around them to make them extra special!
I cut out sea horses and other fun under the sea animals with my silhouette and used those everywhere for decorations.

I had this poster printed but honestly when it got down to party time, I completely forgot sand. So the poster made a nice decoration piece instead!

And of course you cant throw a toddler party without bubbles! I made this “Bucket of fun” and placed it right outside the tent so the kids could grab some bubbles and start playing!

 There were two parts to the tent. One side for the mermaids and the other for the pirates!

I made this super cute game and got the idea from Pinterest, is there anywhere else? Matt’s mom brought me this old piece of cork board she wasn’t using and I painted it, covered with some fabric and glued the hooks to it. I ordered rings from Amazon.

This was probably my favorite part of the party! I painted this giant piece of cork board and used it as an prop for kids to take their pictures behind! It turned out great!

 Some food from the mermaid table included: Berry’d treasure (berries in cups), Seahorse veggies, jello cups with gummy fish in the bottom, clam cookies, and rice Krispie treats.

The pirates food included: Seaweed dip (pioneer woman spinach and artichoke), Mermaid burgers and Pirate Hot dogs with all the fixins.

A close up of the beautiful cakes that were also delicious!!

See the hole in the pirate cake? Yeah, my little Maddie Rae got a hold of it before I could take a decent picture of it!! That’s my Maddie Rae;)