The Twins are FIVE!!!

I cannot believe my babies, the babies I longed for years are 5!! Feels like yesterday we just brought them home from the hospital and took this photo…

When the big 5 was coming up, I talked to Jocelynn and JP about possibly having a party. We haven’t had them a true birthday party since their 3.5 party with friends and family. They told me they didn’t want one right now, they wanted another half birthday party, so they can have a swimming party at our new house! I couldn’t agree more, that is going to be so much fun! 

The 30th of December came quickly! That day Matt ended up being off work so it worked out so great! Matt took JP fishing and me and my girls made a birthday cake! 

Later that afternoon we took them to a beautiful park that had an awesome playground out in Leeds, AL!! We had so much fun, me and Matt even joined in on the slides that were at this playground. The slides were so big it took my stomach away going down it!

We asked the twins earlier in the week what they wanted to do, they could do anything they wanted to; and they said they wanted to go to the restaurant where they cook infant of you. After the park we met Pops, Laurie and Celia at Mt. Fuji in Birmingham. I was glad they wanted to eat there because I have been craving some japanese shrimp and that yummy fried rice!!


I am so proud of the little person you have become. You are just a happy, awesome little guy. Yes there are days where you are not so perfect but we all have those days. You are going to be great at whatever you set out to do, you are so athletic and can do anything. We can tell you try to ride a bike without training wheels and you perfect it within that day. You have a mindset like no other 5 year old I know. When you want to do something or learn how to do something, you will do it over and over again until you are doing it perfectly. It is truly amazing. When you aren’t outside playing, you are inside usually playing the Wii if not with your toys. You love mario kart, wii sports and super mario. You are really good at all of those games too. Like I said, you amaze me!!

We just recently cut off ALL your hair because you wanted to look just like your daddy! You love me, and you want me when it matters but YOU LOVE YOUR DADDY. I am so happy about your love for your daddy. You and Matt will be best buddies when you grow older and I can’t wait to watch your relationship transform over time. You are just like your daddy too. You love everything he loves to do, fish, hunt, play baseball, throw the football. You are excited about going to kindergarten next year! I don’t even want to talk about that yet!! You really understood the rivalry between Auburn and Alabama this year. It literally broke your heart if someone you loved was an Auburn fan. Your uncle Mark is an auburn fan and you looked at me and your daddy one day and told us “Mom, Dad, Uncle mark; he’s just not that smart, is he?” We DIED OUT LAUGHING!! And ever since then you hate it when someone tells you they’re Auburn fans, its precious. Mommy and Daddy love you so much and we are so proud of you. We will always be here and are looking forward to seeing the person you become. 


My sweet, emotional little girl. You are a very caring young child. You break my heart at least once a day either talking about moo moo or crying for her. The way you feel deeply about people is truly inspiring. You love with your whole heart and you don’t forget. I wish I could take your pain away sweetie, mommy sure is trying to help you deal with it all. 

You are a mommy’s girl without a doubt. I think you always have been come to think of it. You love your daddy but always want me. I am always here for you. 

You are riding a big girl bike just like JP! You cannot stand him doing something that you cannot so you got right on the bike that he learned on and you worked on it for a few days until you were riding like a pro. You have a great mindset just like your brother, and I love your commitment to learn something that is challenging. You get frustrated pretty easily but I am learning that the Vanzant children aren’t quitters. 

While you are so sweet, you have a mean streak too. I tell Maddie and JP all of the time not to mess with you because you show them whose boss when they need it! You are very tough too! JP and you “fight” a lot; where you punch and pretend to fight each other (although y’all do actually fight a lot too lol) but you usually end up on the ground or him crying. You can take a punch to the face and not even cry! Tough tough girl trying to keep up with her brother. 

I love you sweet baby, mommy is so unbelievably proud of the person that you are becoming!