The Twins Bathroom + Bedroom

I want to share with you my babies bathroom and the twins bedroom. Like I said when I started this tour… my house is not big at all so we have worked with the space we do have and love everything about it. 
Their bathroom is very small. Like its hard for me and Matt both to be in there at the same time to bathe them. But we do and the kids love their bathroom. I added some vinyl onto the bathtub wall with some fishies to “spice it up”. With such a small space I have learned that command hooks are awesome so I use them for mostly everything around the house. I have three command hooks on the side of the bath where they hand their towels after being dry.

We plan on painting one day but for now I guess the flower wallpaper works;)
Yes, our twins are still in cribs. We plan on changing that very soon. I know I have shown you their bedroom before when we called it a “nursery” but I love this room so much and wanted to show you one last time before this is no longer a baby room. 

I can’t wait to get started on their “big boy/girl” room! It is going to be so much fun but so emotional at the same time. I love their monkeys on the wall but we have decided to paint over it and do something different for them. I want to cry but I know it just means my babies are growing!