Tuesday Randoms

I have been so busy posting recipes and crafts, I almost forgot to post what I really want to talk about and thats my babies! Lets catch up!

Mine and Matt’s anniversary was the 15th! Celebrated 6 happy wonderful years with my man a day early (after all it is football season and we played MSU the day of our Anniversary). Matts dad and step mom came to the house and put them to bed for us so we could go out! We went to a delicious dinner at Outback and then grocery shopping. Wild, right? We both enjoyed it. Getting to actuality browse and not having to hurry was so fun. We even looked at a few Christmas present ideas for the babies and might have bought one or two!
Thank you paw-paw and Chick for babysitting! The kids love them so much and I know they were so happy that they came to our house.

 Alabama played the number 1 team that weekend and I was a nervous wreck. TBH I wasn’t as nervous for this game as I was the LSU game because that was just crazy. We had friends over, cooked out and had a good ole time!

Mine and Jocelynn’s reaction to us beating the number ONE team!! Here we come FSU!! We just have to get past our enemy first.. Auburn. And they always give us a great game. Just hoping we beat them so we get the chance to play FSU.

The twins had their Thanksgiving program at school last Thursday! I cant even begin to explain to you how nervous I was. I had butterflies in my stomach that whole morning. This is the first time they had ever done anything like this! Ms. Alana told me they cried when she put their turkey costumes on too. I was prepared on Thursday morning. I gave Ms. Alana two dollars and told her “If they cry, give them these and tell them if you wear these costumes I will let you have a dollar”. After the program worked she said “it worked!” Well, of course! This is how we have been rewarding them at home. She told me that we were going to go broke by giving them so many dollars and I leaned my head over, put my hand up to my face and whispered “Little do they know, they are getting the same dollar over and over again”. Everyone died out laughing. 
Back to the play.. Jocelynn and JP’s finally walked out and they looked so precious in their little turkey aprons and hats. Joc and JP sat right next to each other and did not move a muscle. I was laughing so hard. My babies are so shy. You could tell that Jocelynn wanted to get up and dance and sing but every time she looked at her bubba it was like he was saying “don’t do it”. I am still so proud of them. They even saw me and Maddie and didn’t even cry. Me and Maddie were lucky enough that Aunt Jill came with us too! On another note, I think I lost 5 lbs running after Maddie over and over and over again. She wanted to get on that stage and show everyone what she had. Everyone laughed at me chasing her but there is literally no taming that child. I would rather chase her over and over.. and over again rather than her scream.

We’ve had a few tough days here lately. It was so cold a few days in a row last week that you couldnt even walk outside without freezing. Inside we were. Cooped up and going stir crazy. What else to do than take off all your kids clothes and turn on Shake It Off by Taylor Swift? The answer is nothing. You do just that. I might not be a lot of things but I am a mom of three babies under 3 and I know a few tricks, if thats what you want to call it. 

Matt had a fishing tournament this weekend. It was his classic for fishing all year long. He fishes this tournament trail with his dad and he said they had so much fun! They got 3rd place and angler of the year! We were so proud of our daddy;) The kids had a ball playing in a puddle at the weigh in. Guess who made the other children start playing in it and get soaken wet too? Yup, miss Maddie Rae.