Tuesday’s Random Ramblings

I have a lot to blog about. When I say “a lot”, I mean A LOT. So much has happened in our life and around us in these past months and I can’t wait to share it all. I am still having a hard time dealing with my moms passing and just haven’t wanted to blog as much and was comforted by the presence of family, my babies and my sweet husband. I have been thinking of my mom more often lately and I know she would want me to hop back on the wagon of something I truly love doing so here’s to hoping me and this blog can start a new relationship three times over and make it last, hoping nothing else bad happens. I have had enough loss this year to last a lifetime and I am ready for a positive happy year to come forward. Lets get to it…a few things I need to catch up on and then get to blogging some actual posts!!

  • My birthday was wonderful. It was also extremely hard. My mom made my birthday so special every year, no matter where she was. I missed having that phone call and her singing me the happy birthday song. Like I said, hard. We spent the day as a family of 5 and then went to dinner with my dad, his friends, my sister and her family, my brother and all of us at Outback. I’ve been asking for a laptop for a few years now and finally got a Macbook!! I was thrilled! Having an auto-immune disease causes me to have extreme fatigue sometimes so I lay in bed earlier at night to help that and my pains. Now that I have a laptop I can blog from my bed!


  • My babies were the PJ Masks for Halloween. They were unbelievably adorable and had a ball at every Halloween celebration we had. Cant wait to share photos!


  • Me and Matt started fishing a couples tournament trail together a few weeks ago and won! I even got big fish! Our next tournament is this weekend on Lake Logan Martin and Matt is pretty confident we will win that one too! Maybe we should just quit our jobs and fish pro together?


  • WE MOVED!! That’s right! We sold our little double wide trailer and moved into our dream home mid October. In fact the day we closed on it all was the day of my birthday, so it was a pretty good birthday because of that! Its been a long time coming getting this house. We’ve been working on it since before my mom passed. She wanted this so bad for us and we tried our best to make it happen but we couldn’t move it a long as fast as we wanted. I know she’s been tugging her strings in heaven and helping us out because everything went so smoothly. I know she had a lot to do with it.


  • I seriously cannot believe it is November. This year has gone by so fast and Christmas will be here before we know it! I haven’t even started shopping! I am usually done by now too. Have ¬†you started yet? I need motivation!


  • This month is our anniversary month and we will celebrate 8 years. Hoping we will be able to do something special this year. Through everything this year I have leaned on Matt a whole lot more than I usually do or have and our relationship is stronger than ever. I can truly say I love him now more than the day I married him and more happy than I ever thought I would/could be in a relationship. I am a lucky one and hope to show him how much he means to me. Any ideas for celebrating a special anniversary in Birmingham??

I think that’s about all I need to catch up on before I write each post! Hope everyone voted today and no matter the turn out that this country come together and clean up whats going on. That we all find a way to get a long so we can raise our children in a world we feel comfortable in. Because frankly? Right now, I would totally dig a hole to live in than raise my children in this world right now. It has to get better at some point right? That or jesus will be coming back soon.