Twins are TWO

Jocelynn and JP are two. They’ve been here for two years and “with me” me for almost 3. I count the 9 months in my belly because all of us moms should, right? We carry them for that long. We get to know and bond with them for that long, so why not count it?


  • You are such a mommy. You make sure everyone is taken care of before yourself. I think you get that from me;) It is truly amazing to watch you tend to JP and Maddie. Amazing. There aren’t any other words I can say to describe the way you are with them.
  • You are still in diapers. We are going to start potty training soon but lately you say “diaper on” whenever I have one off of you and you get extremely mad. Its going to be tough but I know you will get it right away.
  • You go to bed around 7-7:30 and sleep until 8-8:30 the next day! 
  • You only get your paci during naps, car rides and bedtime. We started this just 3 days ago and it hasn’t gone so well (meaning you ask for it constantly) but we are hoping it gets better! 
  • You will try anything once. If you don’t like the food I cooked that night, you will push your plate and kindly say “I don’t like it, mommy”.  But I will give you this.. You at least try it. You like a lot of things but your favorite is steak and any type of veggies and fruits.
  • You are very sensitive. We can tell you no in the kindest of ways and you pause, look around and start crying like it was the worst thing we’ve ever said to you. We had to start timeout with you this week because you’ve been hitting your bubba and you’re actually doing great with the whole timeout concept. 
  • You don’t go to anyone you don’t know. If you don’t know them you will cry and hold on to mommy or daddy. I wish you weren’t so shy so everyone could see your loud and wonderful personality but then again if anyone ever tries to take you from me, I will know.
  • Your vocabulary is HUGE. I can’t even type all of the things you say but I will tell you the most precious things.. “Thank you, mommy” “excuse you” “bless you” “I get in” “I get out” ” WUV you” “I don’t like it” “Bubba crying” “Maddie night night:” “dada at work” “roxanne outside” “apple juice, please” “thank you santa claus” and many many more
  • You’ve started calling Madelynn “Maddie Rae” and it is adorable. Everytime you see her you say “hey maddie rae” “I wuv you maddie rae”. Melts my heart!!
  • You nap most days from 12/12:30-2 or 3. Sometimes you prefer not to nap so you lay in mom’s bed while mommy works;)
  • You can count to 5
  • You love to sing patty cake, Itsy bitsy spider, ABC’s and the Happy birthday song.
  • You still love bath time but don’t have to have one every night like you use to. You use to pitch a fit over a bath but now all you want to do is play with bubba. Bath-time was also to waste time while you were little but you’re a big girl now and are fine without a bath!
  • Theres so many things about you that I can’t fit them all on here. You are beautiful Jocelynn. You are a giving little girl who cares about everybody. You are going to be a knockout when you grow up and I keep telling your daddy to be prepared!!
  • You are a clown, my boy. You laugh at anything. If you are in the worst mood ever, there is a quick way to make it better and make you laugh. I mean quick because you think anything and everything is funny. Literally. I can get your stuffed animal out of the crib for you and you start drying out laughing. Such an amazing young boy!
  • You go to bed around 7/7:30-8/8:30 the next day
  • You know all of your animal sounds
  • Counts to 3
  • Loves to sing patty cake, Itsy bitsy spider, and ABC’s
  • You are doing great without the paci. We thought you would be the one to have a rough time without it because you are such a “paci baby” but you completely get the concept we are using. We keep telling you and Jocelynn that paci’s are for babies. Everytime I go and get you from you nap you hand me your paci and say “a babys”. So proud of you!!
  • You are starting to get a little picky with the food. You say “steaks baby” everyday but what you don’t understand is mommy and daddy can’t afford to feed you steaks every night. You get mad if I don’t make mac n cheese with the meals but I’m trying to find something, anything else. You do love veggies and fruits though so its not that bad!
  • You are starting to warm up to people lately. You aren’t as shy as you use to be unless its someone you feel you can’t trust. And I’m ok with that. Mommy and daddy will hold you if you don’t like anyone;)
  • Your vocabulary has grown tremendously since month 18!! Just a few things.. “Walmart” “there ya go” “Shot it daddy” “I got it” “I running” “thank you mommy” “I kick it” “occer ball” “go bama” “I love you daddy” and so many more. I crack up at everything you say.
  • You are my great napper. Never have you ever stayed up during nap time (Im jinxing myself). You nap at least 2.5 hours everyday and go down between 12/12:30.
  • You love bath time too. Like you sissy, you don’t have to have one every night either. If mommy gets y’all nakey, I can tell y’all to get each others hineys and y’all will run around chasing each other until you pass out.
  • You are an amazing young boy. Your personality is so loud and you will definetely be your class clown because you make us laugh so hard every single day.
We love y’all so much!! Cant wait to see what this next year brings us! Slow down;)

I hope y’all will always love each other. Always be there for each other. Always stay in touch. Y’all are the best of friends now and I hope you will be the rest of your life. Anyone could be so lucky to have someone by their side like you have each other. Stay together and love each other with all of your hearts because in the end, no one will love you like you love each other. Mommy and Daddy love you so much. We are so very proud of you both!!