Update on Nugget~ 29 weeks!

This pregnancy has gone by so fast! I am 29 weeks! I just cant believe ill be holding my little baby soon. I don’t think I have even updated you all on my pregnancy since I announced being pregnant! We get so busy with the twins and I just completely forget to take belly pics. I hate that I haven’t taken many weekly pics but hopefully nugget will understand;)

We finally started working on the new nursery. We don’t have much done but we do have a crib up and a day bed in that room. We don’t have a guest room so we decided to put a day bed in the nursery so my parents can stay here after the baby is born. It will stay in our room in a pac-n-play the first few weeks anyway. We still have a few things to do: order bedding, get a few décor items, clean it up!

I’m using this post as my “to do list” as well so this is what I have left to get before the little nugget gets here:

  • buy Swing
  • buy Boppy
  • buy Nursing Camis and shirts
  • buy nursing cover
  • buy sound machine
  • buy Another monitor!
  • buy a bigger car
  • get all old baby clothes out and have prepared to wash
  • put together a “get to know the twins” binder for the family keeping them while we are in hospital

I’m sure there is a million more things to do but that’s good for now;)

This pregnancy has been great! I haven’t been sick at all! I was never sick with the twins either! If you’re saying “Well she has it easy” because I’ve never been sick believe me I don’t, I have never hurt so bad in my life. And I have carried twins, labored twins and had a C-section. Its my tailbone, or sciatic nerve. It literally feels like it is going to break into two every time I take a step. It has given out on me on more than one occasion and is scary if it does it while I’m holding Joc or JP. It hurt me a little when pregnant with the twins but not till the very very end. I’ve been hurting with this one for a while. I guess I didn’t hurt this bad before because I didn’t have two babies to take care of. I’m bending over constantly or on the floor playing with them all day and that’s not something I can just stop, you know? The hubs gives me a little break when he gets home from work. I will be feeling better here in about 10.5 weeks though;)

A little about this pregnancy:

Cravings?: YES! When I was pregnant with the twins I had aversions more than cravings but with this pregnancy? Anything and everything sour! I love the sour gummies, sour patch kids and ect! Also just gummies period.

Weight: Of course I’ve gained weight and I have to admit it came on a lot quicker this go round! No, I’m not going to tell you how much!

Clothing: Mostly maternity pants and t-shirts. I feel very self-conscious this pregnancy. I felt awesome with the twins and would dress up but I just cant get myself to with this one. I feel very insecure this go round.

How far along? 29 weeks and 3 days!

Exercise: Me and the hubs try and go walking every night but sometimes that doesn’t always work out because of the weather. I make sure I’m moving all day long though!

IMG_0478IMG_055110 months 502IMG_0704IMG_5942IMG_6111

I went to the doctor on Monday and we got to see our little nugget! My belly was measuring small (somehow someway) so that’s why we got another ultra sound. The baby is measuring right on track and weighs around 3.6 lbs!


The nurse also looked at the gender and wrote it down and put it in an envelope! The envelope is still in my diaper bag! I am getting an awesome person to make nugget some cute things but she needs to know the sex to know what name to put on it and what colors to use! It amazes me how content I am with not opening the envelope. I know it would usually drive people crazy but its not bothering me at all! I want to be surprised and I’ve made it this far!!

Happy Wednesday!!