VBS and a Weekend Recap

We’ve had a wonderful weekend. JP is so much better than he was before and Jocelynn feels good too. It has taken Maddie a little bit longer to get over everything but she is getting there! She started acting more like herself on Sunday, so hopefully they’ll all be to %100 in no time!
The kids did amazing in VBS last week. Jocelynn would talk about it all day long (which caused her not to nap from excitement) and it warmed my heart. I love hearing them talk about church. I know its just been two weeks since we’ve started but there’s something about seeing their face light up when they talk about it. Like they know there is a higher power, that we believe in something we can’t see and its powerful, amazing and breath taking. I think they feel that. 
JP cried every time I dropped them off. He will cry for about 10 minutes after I go but when I go and pick him up he doesn’t want to leave! This VBS was a little different in time. Ours started at 5:30 and lasted until 8:30. That is super late for my kiddos so most nights I would go pick them up at 7:45. 
They had so much fun! They made so many crafts. From a paper plate lion you can shake, to a caterpillar made out of an egg carton. They loved “making me sumpin”. I have placed all the things they made in to a box that we will be able to keep forever. They got to slide on the big slide and swing on the swings too! I think they had the most fun on the last night, which was Friday night. It was a yucky rainy evening. I went to drop them off and JP didn’t even cry! In fact, he ran right to the teacher and held her hand. I ran out of there since he wasn’t crying because I was holding Maddie who was screaming. Me and Maddie went home and hung out until we had to go pick them up!  I let them stay pretty late on Friday night. Me and Maddie didn’t get into the car until 8:15 (the church is 5 seconds away). It was pouring down rain so I parked right beside the entrance and left Maddie in the car (I only do this in our town because its so small). I went in to get the twins and they were having a blast! The teacher told me it was their best night yet! JP didn’t cry at all and during all the pledges and songs JP put his hands over his head like he was praising God. I cracked up! I thought that was hilarious. Everyone said they really came out of their shells on Friday night. They ate pizza, watched a movie, made paper crowns and more! I am so proud of my babies and to be honest it was so nice for me and Matt. It was a nice “break” but I am glad to be back to normal for our night time routine. 
They teachers weren’t lying about them coming out of their shells because we went to church on Sunday and they were saying “HEY” to everyone who crossed their path. 
JP got very attached to one of the lady’s. Her name is Miss Judy and she has been there for a very long time. He even walked over to her on Sunday and sat with her while the big kids performed what they learned at VBS that week.

I let them pick out their own outfits for the last night. Jocelynn did pretty good until she wanted to wear her tennis shoes like bubba. JP wanted to wear a “big football” and that’s the only thing we could find with a big football on it. They looked precious anyways. And you know little miss Maddie had to get in on this picture.

It is getting hotter and hotter. With even more heat comes more humidity. I decided to take the kids to the pool (all by myself) Saturday morning. Might have been a big mistake but we had fun. It would have been a lot easier if Maddie was back to her normal self but with her still not feeling great, she wanted me to hold her the whole time. That got kind of tricky when I had two toddlers wanting to jump in and let me catch them. We did it though and they all even took a great nap for me that day! Yay for team mommy!

This is one of our good friends pool and they literally live a grew houses down.

We woke up Sunday and got breakfast, then went to church and then to help support a local restaurant that just opened up on the lake. Then we went home to let the kids get a nap and back over to the pool it was!! JP and Jocelynn would stay in the pool all day long everyday if we let them! I love that they love the water so much! I can’t wait for their swimming lessons next week!

We cooked cheeseburgers, ribs, chicken, french fries and more!! Yummy in my tummy! It is one of my favs about summer… the heat, the water and the FOOD!