Weekend Wrap-Up

You know what sucks? Living in the woods and you only have one option for internet service, thats actually worth a crap, and it not work for an entire week beause the wind blew.. or something like that. One of my goals in 2016 is to blog more. Guess what? I can’t blog when my effing internet is down. Therefore, I end up having to do 5 on Friday posts or weekend wrap up, or more LOL. So, let’s catch up real quick on a few things so I can get to getting y’all some cute valentines printables and recipes for the cold this week!

My dad came in a few weekends ago and as always we had a blast with him. We didn’t get to see him a whole lot because he only stayed for a few days and mom ended up getting very sick that weekend. He is coming back soon though and we cant wait! Maddie loves her pops. Her and my dad have the funniest relationship. She has always been a moo-moo’s baby but lately she is very attached to my dad. She literally beats the shit out of him. Not even kidding. My dad lets her and y’all, that child can be mean and hit hard. I use to yell and put her in timeout but now? Yeah, I just let her be rough with him because he won’t tell her no and its really funny. She knows not to do that to others or I will do something about it but I gave up on the whole pops thing. When we were there she asked to get on his neck and had him double fish hooked!!


Maddie loves pretending to be a doctor and help people. She was my moms doctor and said she helped her tummy feel better;) Notice anything about my mom? Yeah, she colored her hair bright purple. Gotta love my momma.


Jocelynn has been asking me to crimp her hair for months now and since I am feeling much better thanks to my steroids, I figured I would for my baby girl. I have to say, she looks freaking adorable with crimped hair.  IMG_4420

We were able to go to the Galleria in Hoover for a little while that Sunday. We cant go to the Galleria without riding the carousel. When I was younger the carousel was only open around holidays, which was very depressing but I am glad my kids get to enjoy it all year round now! IMG_4439 IMG_4440

Marsha is getting better… somewhat. We have had a hard time house training this dog and I thought I was going to lose my mind. It is no fun to clean that stuff up all day every day and care for kids. I even wanted to find a new home for her it had gotten so bad but I cant do that to my kids because they love her so much. I love her too but its frustrating! We got a huge pen to put in the backyard and put her in it a couple hours at a time during the day and it has completely changed her. She is doing so much better and I can say that I actually like her now. Jocelynn? She is obsessed with her. That dog bites her, scratches her, knocks her down and Jocelynn could not love her more. It is fun to watch all of the relationships form. They will all be the best of friends.

IMG_4466 IMG_4465 IMG_4464

Some of our good friends, Billy and Lori, have chickens. We take the kids over there every now and then and let them feed the chickens. They love it. It is the highlight of their day any day. I love their love for all animals. Lori even let the kids hold a chicken! They weren’t scared at all. In fact, Maddie fit right in with the chickens. She ran around and clucked with them and it was hilarious.


IMG_4456    IMG_4454

Picture day was last week! My kids looked beautiful and rocked it! I cannot wait to get their pictures back this week!!


My mom ended up being admitted into the hospital last week. They skipped chemo and the doctor told her to go immediately because of the infection he found in her blood. She has been in a bad way for a few weeks now. Just very mentally out of it, dozing off while she’s talking to you and saying things that never happened or things that happened 20 years ago. Her neck has been hurting her extremely. She cant even look up and it breaks my heart. I told my brother to tell her doctor all of these things and with the infection and all of her other effects she’s been having, he definitely wanted her in the hospital asap. We think they have completely treated the infection and she’s feeling much better as of yesterday. She is suppose to have an endoscopy done this morning to see the tumors in her stomach and hopefully another petscan in a couple weeks. I appreciate all of your prayers you have sent. They truly work because God heard you and helped heal my mom of this infection. Thank you so much.


*UPDATE ON ME* I am feeling much better thanks to steroids but we will see how I feel once I go off of this regimen. I haven’t gotten my blood results back yet but hopefully soon. My little buddy has been helping me around the house. Doing the dishes, vacuuming and putting up his laundry. He makes me proud each and every day!! Thank you bubba!!