Weekend Wrap-up

Ok, so maybe it’s already Friday¬†and last weekend should have been wrapped up by now but let’s just go ahead and recap, shall we?

I love the weekends. Especially since the weather is warming up! HALLELUJAH! It couldn’t have been more perfect here in South Alabama. We usually dedicate our weekends to being outside as much as we can. Doing things as a family and or spending time with friends. Whether its fishing, playing in the backyard, cruising on the lake, swimming, going to one of daddy’s weigh ins and more. I love the spring time and summer. I use to be such a huge fan of fall and winter but since the whole lupus thing and figuring out that weather hurts this momma bod I am over it. So bring on the heat!

Friday we didn’t do much. My sister and her son, Charlie, came down and spent the day playing with us! We were so excited to have them down! They are going to disney world next weekend so I made them each a couple of shirts to wear while they are there! Then I had to go switch cars with a friend of mine because her friend was going to clean mine up for me. I have been planning on buying a car for sometime now and we finally found the perfect one with a good deal at a dealership in Jasper. I needed my car clean so they wouldn’t think complete terrible thoughts when they gave me a quote on it. Meagan watched all the kids at my house while I went and traded cars with my friend. On my way back home a state trooper decides to pull me over. Yeah, not that I was breaking the law or anything. I was trying to get home because I left Maddie during a hissy fit and was worried about her. Not that you should speed to get home, but come on, everyone does it every now and then right? Anyways, I passed a car and sped up to 70 while passing it and yeah guess what car was in front of that one? Thats right. By the way, I had no clue they could radar you from behind. Thankfully he let me off with a warning and taught me the lesson of you having to stay within the speed limit while passing. I will definitely try that next time. Meagan and Charlie left after a little bit more play time in and outside. Matt got¬†home shortly after and brought me my daily fountain coke. He gets so many bonus points for that. Ive really got to stop drinking those. I might be able to lose more weight if I did but damn they are so good. We went and picked up a couple pizzas and rode over to pawpaws to hang out with them for a little while. Then it was time to head home and go to bed.

Saturday morning Matt and Steve went fishing while I tried to do a few house chores I have been neglecting. They have a big tournament on Lay lake (the lake we live on) this weekend. It is one from the ABT trail that I spoke about previously. I think I wrote about it? Who knows. Anyways, they have been practicing a lot and I really hope they do well next weekend. I met Matt over at his dads house around 11. We dropped the kids off with Joey and Rhonda and headed to Jasper to check out mommas new ride. I love driving and riding with my husband. We really do have so much fun. We jam out and sing as loud as we can or we talk about the kids and life. It is so fun to me. Jasper is about an hour and a half away so we got plenty of one on one time. Then we got to the dealership and I saw it sitting in the front!!! OMG it was gorgeous. We got to test drive it while they looked at my car. I think we might have test drove it for a solid 15 minutes. I didn’t want to get out of it!


They didn’t want to give me a whole lot for my car because its got over 200K miles. Thats bull, my car is worth a lot more than what they wanted to give me. We put a deposit on my car so they wouldn’t sell it and headed home with a new plan. To sell my car and put it against the newer used one. I put it on craigslist late Saturday night and guess what? SOLD it Sunday night. I know I am getting ahead of myself here on the weekend wrap up but how crazy is that? A couple was very interested in it and came down Sunday evening and left with it. I have to say I am a little sad to see my car go but I know we will create all kinds of memories in the new one.


That day while Matt and I went to Jasper, Rhonda and Joey took the kids to Desoto Caverns. They had so much fun with their chik and pawpaw. It is all we heard about for two days. I love they got to spend some time with them this weekend and I love that pawpaw and chik took them somewhere fun and created joyful memories.

Sunday was a fun day too! The guys went pre-fishing again and right before I was going to start cleaning my friend, April, text me and asked if we wanted to go see Zootopia. Well, heck yeah. That sounds much better than cleaning. Strange coming from an OCD cleanly person, right? Yeah, I have been working really hard on that. PLUS my babies have never been to the whole movie theatre experience and why not do it with our best friends? I might have been more excited about it than the kids because.. shhhh I am totally addicted and obsessed with movie theatre popcorn. It is so delicious. We had so much fun and they did great. They got a little wiggly every now and then but Maddie Rae sat there and watched it the whole time. I knew she would, that girl loves her some movies. We were doing great and then at the very end of the movie JP’s nose starts pouring blood. Like why? Why does my child get nose bleeds in the weirdest places? His nose bleeds so easily too. Must be the time of year. My poor baby hates it too. He started screaming but I acted pretty quickly and we got to watch the rest of the movie while holding his nose. Go see that movie! It was precious. I think I laughed the entire time.




IMG_5642 IMG_5638

After the movie we went to a park to play and eat ice cream. Apparently hot days mean eat all the junk you can buy. Then we headed to the house to play some baseball in the backyard. More fun in the sun and then grilled out some cheeseburgers and hotdogs until the men got home. Shortly after they git home the couple showed up to look at my car. While me and Matt showed them our car and let them drive it our sweet friends fed and bathed our children. I love them so much and the kids do too! We sold the car, ate dinner and put everyone to bed!! Now we just have to wait until Friday because thats when they will deliver my car!! YAY!! For now me and the kids are driving our little mercury sable which is a little red car we bought for Matt to drive back and forth to work to save in gas. You know whats hilarious? My children love that car. We all call it the red dragon and its perfect. But I seriously cant wait to have a big family car now and to separate the kids so they won’t fight in the back seat anymore! Woohoo! We had such a wonderful weekend and I cant wait until next weekend to have even more fun!