You are My Sunshine First Birthday Party-Part 2

Part Two of the party! I know I mentioned to y’all how beautiful the weather was.. but it was absolutely gorgeous that day. It rained on Friday and Sunday but it was so pretty for her party and I am so glad! My luck is never that good. I am so glad we didn’t have to do it inside because kids tend to get a little stir crazy. 
We had a small bouncy house we ordered from Amazon that was perfect! It wasn’t “intimidating” for my little shorties and they got right in and played with all the other kids! It has a ball pit attached to the side of it and that made it that much more fun! I also had a huge piece of plywood that I painted with chalkboard paint. We sat that board on top of a few cement blocks so the kids would enjoy coloring or writing Madelynn a special note! 

Jocelynn and JP helped Maddie open her birthday presents. They thought everything was for them but sweet Maddie didn’t care. She opened one present and she was good. She wanted to play with just that one toy the rest of the day. My dad bought her a water table which I have been wanting to get FOREVER and it was a hit. Matt opened it up, put it together and filled it with water and all of the kids played there for more than 30 minutes. That thing is heaven sent.

Whats an outside party without bubbles? My BIL brought bubbles for all the kids and it was so smart because they all played with them the whole time! Why didn’t I think of that? Thanks Mark!

 After the presents we went straight for the cake! I sat Maddie in her high chair and she just looked at everyone like “why are you staring at me”? We started singing the Happy Birthday song and my sweet girl started dancing. I then put the cake in front of her. It took her a minute but she finally started to dig in. I won’t lie.. I really wanted her to stick her whole face in it but she stayed more clean eating her smash cake than she does eating dinner. I think she might have had stage fright!

Jocelynn loves babies and she is such a little mommy too. Here she is holding her cousin Joee-Kate and kissing on her!

 I’m so glad my parents were able to come! I know they wouldn’t have missed her birthday for anything! Maddie sure does love them and I know they love her too! She is such a blessing that surprised us all!

Here’s the birthday girl with her aunt Jill! Oh how we love our Aunt Jill and don’t know what we would do without her! 

Madelynn and Joee-Kate

It was a perfect day for a perfect little girl! I’m glad we got a lot of pictures but somehow me and Matt didn’t get a picture with our baby girl! I hate that but I know she knows we love her and she will look back at this one day and feel the love. And yes, I’m still celebrating her birthday because around here you get at least a month to celebrate all occasions!