You are my sunshine- party prep!

I can’t believe my baby girl will be ONE soon! I have to admit, I am not on top of things preparing for it as good as I was for the twins party. Ive been trying to do little things here and there and still getting some ideas for it but I am so excited to celebrate our Little Sunshine!

I made this canvas and another glitter one! Ill show the glitter one in the Birthday party post because it is too cute to show right now!

This canvas was so easy to make. Just spray paint the canvas any color you want. I used my silhouette to cut a stencil for the letters. I traced the letters with pencil onto the canvas and then painted. Then, I cut out a picture of clouds. Traced them with a pencil onto the canvas and Mod podged the clouds. Sprinkled with glitter and suited the excess off. Ta-DA!
Ive bought a bunch of fake flowers here and there to make the party “bright” and beautiful just like out little Maddie. I ordered some cupcake toppers from Amazon and hope to order some bright balloons from there too!

I have a lot of ideas coming together and have found most of them on Pinterest..of course! Ill share with you a few ideas I have found that I love, but not all of them of course!

I can’t wait to see it all come together! I just hope the weather is beautiful and sunny! We don’t want any rain! I would really love to have it outside but I don’t know what the temperature will be like until the week before! Oh well! Maybe everything will be great and it will be a hit for our baby girl!